sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

Whirlwind Tour

Sock: on round 45 of 58, then the toe

Laundry: in Progress

School: about to start

Party: Successful, with 5 guests, a couple of whom were not here very long.

Grandmother: now in the nursing home, apparently smoothly transitioning. She did ask Mama “only 20 days?” to which the reply was “If you do well, only 20 days.” The doc says it’s up to her, meaning if she wants to get better she will, and if she doesn’t, then none of us can make her do so. She did say no when Mama told her she was leaving last night. Mama left anyway, after explaining that she had to go. See, when Grandmother is in the hospital, she is never left for longer than it takes someone to go get take-out food. This is because she cannot hear, and will agree to anything. It’s just her nature to be agreeable, and if she does not understand what you are saying, she just smiles and nods her head. This can be……..dangerous in the hospital. I am sure you have read/heard the horror stories. Funny story–Grandmother looked at Mama a couple days ago and asked her “Do you miss being with (my dh)?” And Mama says “NO, I do NOT.” At which time Grandmother realized who she was talking to. That one was much funnier than her asking the doc when she was going to see her husband again. One has been dead since she was a young woman, and the other died 18 years ago, about 3 weeks after DD#1 was born.

Diapers: I have decided that I am so totally sick of diapers with pieces. It takes too much time and mental energy to match them all up. So, any new dipes that come into this house will be prefolds or kissaluvs. And the ones that have pieces will be used without the pieces. We can add a doubler for night-time alot easier than I can stand there and put dipes together. I do love my Fluffymail dipes, but they can be used without the snap-in doublers as they are plenty absorbent without them. Those of you who don’t use cloth dipes, I apologize for this jibberish side-note. Those of you who do, well, you know *exactly* what I mean, LOL!

Yesterday, I dug out my old 3×5 card system, so I’ll be putting that back together over the next few days. I have LOTS more to do now that I did then, LOL!

Ok, time to get cracking on the school work. Ya’ll have a good day now, ya hear? :)

Oh, well, Mama just called and she is taking my sons with her to see Grandmother. It’ll be a light day around here, and give me time to pull my read-aloud stuff together. How awesome is that?

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