sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things


The children did all their individual work yesterday, including that for which they need my help. Ditto today. What did not happen is my read-aloud stuff that I do with all of them. I need to pull it together, which I plan to do this week-end. I have forgotten how I had that all organized, LOL. I’ll either figure it out, or spend a bit of time this week-end getting it back together.

Knitting yesterday: not a stitch. DD#5 was a ravenous oinker, so did not get put down much. I suppose she’s in another growth spurt. It seems that one day she eats, and the next day she sleeps. If she sleeps today, I’ll knit. I did try DS#3’s sweater on him, and the neck is too tight. I’ll have to take that bind-off and part of the shoulder seams out, and loosen it.

DD#3 has built a huge “fort” in the living room, using every spare sheet and blanket from the kid’s rooms. Looks like fun!

I think I am going to go back to a 3×5 card system for my choring. That worked for me for a long time, and so we’ll try it again. Maybe. I just find that I can no longer keep in my head all that needs doing, and having a choring schedule helps me spread the work out a bit better, as well as making sure nothing slips through the cracks. Like, umm, school paperwork (oops!).

I’ve sent the boys to clean their room. I can tell by the sounds that they are working in a spirit of friendliness and cooperation–NOT!

Ok, time to get up from here and do some things :)

OH! Almost forgot. My mom called this morning, and the doc is sending Grandmother to a nursing home for re-hab. Twenty days to start. It’s not the one here in our small town, but rather about 30 minutes away. He’ll still be her doctor that way, which is good, but…….I doubt I can get out there very often. I also doubt that she will ever leave that place. My mom seemed relieved. She can’t lift Grandmother when she falls, which is becoming more and more frequent. She can’t lift her into the wheelchair on days Grandmother can’t walk. But could also not resign herself to put Grandmother in a home. The doctor ordering it makes that easier for her. In my mind, the effect is the same, and I am very disappointed it has come to this. But I am not the one trying to care for someone who is so……..the way Grandmother is.

Well, that’s not true. I do care for people like her. But they don’t weigh 128 pounds, and they are getting “better”.

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