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Sox and Dox

So, I did start my fixation socks! Toe-up for the first time :) I did not start either of the other things I mentioned.

Had doc visits for 2 kiddos this morning, so I am running behind. Well, no, let me tell the truth–I wiped a few things right off the to-do list. Like group school work. If I can do it this afternoon, great, but I am not counting on it.

I did take DD#2’s sock with me, and am working the short-row heel on that.


The sock I knit for DD#4 is too tight on her fat little foot. :(

When I suggested she give it to DD#5, she threw it in the bassinet, where it landed on the baby’s face, and said “taa oo” (thank you). :) The baby now has a sock 8 inches or so long. It’ll fit a loo-oooooo-ong time.

Letting Go

This is my first ever pair of socks. Alas, they are really too big around for me, but I’ve been holding on to them anyway. Today, I am setting them free. I’m sending them to Grandmother, whose feet are now incredibly swollen and always cold.

DD#2 sent these the other day

Too big for her, but I’ve already cast on a replacement pair.

And I sent the pair my pal made for me, also too big.

I haven’t knit anything today, but when I get a chance, I think I’ll be casting on some socks for me in Fixation. That’ll make 3 pairs OTN. I’d also like to start the poncho DD#3 has asked for, and my sweater from Opal Tiger. That’s a lot of knitting for the less than an hour I’ll probably get, LOL

New Pics

Over on the stash page– go see, the WIPs are there, too, with the accompanying yarn!

No new socks ;)

But only because I don’t have any free row counters 😛

I am really am quite schizophrenic in my knitting lately, not able to settle down to one project. But that’s pretty normal for me, as you know. But I have so little knitting time, it’s hard to decide. I want to work on everything at once.

Momentary aside: If it’s really important that you speak to me, call in person, not via recording. I just hang up otherwise. I will most likely hang up on you anyway, but at least I will say “have a good day” before I do it.

I re-arranged the stash page a bit, moving the yarn I am currently working to the top. I’ll get new pics up one day, I promise :)

Little late today

It’s way later than I usually post, but here I am. Made myself a “sock box” today, with my tiny gauge needles and my sock yarns. By “my” I mean sock yarn that will be made into socks for me, as opposed to my sock yarn that will be made into socks for someone else, LOL! I really have little interest in anything else just now, so……… I’m just trying to keep myself from filling 5 sets of needles with socks! BTW, if my size 2 12 inch Addi shows up at your house, please caress it for me, tell it I miss it, and send it on home. The DPN I lost is long since found, but the circ, well, I musta really made it mad. The thing is, I remember putting it down, in not it’s rightful place, and thinking, I can find this again. HA! HA HA on me. HA HA HA!

Whoa, how huge is THAT?

We got up this morning to find the monitor that usually sits at this computer would not come on. We swapped it out for the 19 inch DH was given a couple months back. Boy, it’s big, LOL! Takes up a lot of space, but real easy to read. I suppose I’ll get used to it, though.

We are just about done with school for the day, and the laundry is done as well. I am telling you that so I can tell you this: I have yet to finish a cup of hot coffee. I am working on that right now :) It does feel good to get back in to some semblance of a normal routine again though.

I never did get the cards written over the weekend, nor the checkbook balanced. The check book will be a trick. DH “lost” his checkbook earlier this month. I found it. Well, I found parts of it. In the washer. The register is GONE, so I’ll be having to recreate that from bank records. The good news is that I don’t have to do it today, because I left MY checkbook, along with my purse in the nursery at church yesterday, where I changed DD#5’s exceedingly poopy diaper.

Yes, we made it to church!! It was so wonderful to be back among the body. I have missed it so. Of course, everyone had to coo over the baby. I kept her with me in the sanctuary, and had her bottle very handy. She only cried a couple of times. I really see no reason to put a baby in the nursery until they reach that social age where they want to babble incessantly. I usually sling them until then, but did not even stop to get the sling as we were running late.

Hmm, can’t really think of much else to say. Guess I need to get up and make some cards, eh?

Road Trip!

Ok, just a short one. I’m going with my mom to see Grandmother this afternoon.

I got everything on my list done yesterday, except making the 3×5 cards and balancing the checkbook, so I’ll be working on that this weekend.

We’ll also be pulling out more clothes for DD#5. Oh, yes, she is outgrowing her preemie things that fast, LOL! It’s the length. I know she was not a preemie, but I have found that the preemie things fit best at first for my babies. A tiny little baby in normal 0-3 month clothes just looks so pitiful. DD#4 was 3 months before she hit 7 pounds, and those preemie clothes got lots of use. Ditto DS#3. I guess the average newborn weight has skyrocketed over the last decade or so, but I am still less than 5 feet tall, and my DH just a shade under 5′ 8″. Our babies still come out smaller than average. The biggest one was only 7′ 12″, that was DD#3, who is now rail thin. DD#5 was the smallest, and now she has chipmunk cheeks and 3 chins. Go figure :)

I started a pair of kid socks from my left over Brasil. I don’t know who they are for yet. I’ll make them, and then see who they fit. I can do that with 8 kiddos 😛 Then I will know what size “somekid” wears. It’s a simple sock, cast on 32, K2P2 until nearly out of yarn, round toe. Cute as the dickens already, of course. Tiny things always are, and these look tiny, but have great stretch.

OK, time to get up and do something useful.

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