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Fibery Pic

2 midwife hats and 4 Opus Squares

More Nothing

I did not post yesterday, because I had nothing to say. I still don’t. But apparently, I am being watched like a hawk, and if I don’t post, some folks think I might have gone and had the baby or something. Nope, baby is still in there, teasing me. That’s ok. Unlike steak, babies are best served “done” as opposed to “rare”.

Perhaps there will be a fibery picture later today.

Seashore Set

BSJ with scarf, hat and thumbless mitts

The sweater was knit on 9s, and I just cast on, picked up and cast on again for the scarf. The hat is….a hat, no real pattern. Same for the mitts. All in Plymouth Encore Colorspun.

January Yarn Report

6 crusher hats
2 baby soakers
2 Dulaan hats
3 hsy pieces
21 midwife hats
4 squares for opus blanket
2 scarves
DD#4 sweater
mittens for DS#3
mittens for DS#2
sweater for DD#3
mittens for DS#1
mittens for DD#4

Items finished: 46
Balls out: 82
Balls in: 51

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