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Not Awake

That’s the first thing you need to know: I am not really awake. DD#4 had a middle-of-the-night conniption, starting about 2. It lasted forever. Her feet aggravated her for some reason. Maybe just by being there, at the ends of her legs. As opposed to hanging off her neck, I guess.

Then there were the 15 trips to the bathroom, punctuated by a round of itching for no discernible reason. That was me, not her.

Knitting news: You may notice that Jenna’s socks are off the active stitches list. I got them as far as I could until she tries them on. I updated the list, but I don’t want to work on anything on it. But nothing else appeals to me either, really. Maybe after I get more coffee.

I did pick up the stitches fro the last edging on the baby blanket. There are 8 rows and a bind off left on it. I know I’ll put at least one row in that today. After that, well, I don’t know.

But just this minute, I suppose I’ll get the dryer going, and get more coffee.

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