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Greedy Greedy Me!

I have dropped the sweater for DS#3 to make a pair of socks for myself. See how fickle I am?? I like socks, I need socks, I want socks, and socks I shall have. Socks from lovely Cascade Fixation.

We took DD#1 to the college last night to sit for her competency exams. When we got there, we discovered that the teacher had not signed her up correctly, so there was no test and no proctor. It’s a 2 part test, and she can go tonight. We are hoping she can sit for both parts, which is typically not done, but the next test dates are in April, and she is ready to be done with this school thing.

Got the taxes filed yesterday. WOOHOO! Let’s pray the IRS comes across in time to keep the house from going into foreclosure, eh? Dh’s work is picking back up, but he had very little work from mid-November until this week.

YAY! The guy just called back on the testing. She can take both tonight, beginning at 5 pm. That totally rocks! And perhaps I shall finish my socks while waiting. I am currently cruising down the foot of the first one.

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