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Girl things

Made this up today for little bit. She is a tiny gal, just 5 pounds 6 ounces at birth, and the hats I made were too big, as you can see. This one fits great. Made from Opal Brasil 5001 on size 3s. Yes, I dug into MY sock yarn stash :)

I started these socks right after I finished the fixation pair. I finished them up while I was in labor. Now, you know, when you get to around 8 centimeters dilated, things can be……distracting. So, I have a couple of closeups for you. The socks are identical twins, until the toe of the second sock. it seems that I, er, umm, well, lost track of my short rows. And check out that wonderful grafting! Something else, isn’t it? So smooth and un-noticeable 😛 The mistakes are on the bottom of the sock, and while I did think of ripping it out, I have decided against it. These are my labor socks, and I can live with them. It will be a fond memory.

And a bit of stash enhancement. Dear Claire dropped this off for me today, so I can make a layette for my little girl-child. I’ll be selling at least part of the other one, I expect, on the HSY site. I had thought/said it was the colors of the other layette that bothered me. But I realized that is not really the case. It’s that this little gal is not the baby I was dreaming of when I knit these things. The things I knit for “him” are nice things. But they belong to another baby, not DD#5. I want her to have her own things, see. Made with HER in my mind. So, I’ll be starting that soon.

I do need to type up her birth story, and get it up for you birth junkies (like me). I’ll try to do that tomorrow.

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