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Chatty Cass

So, got some Addi circs, 12 inch, size 1. Yippee, thought I: I can knit socks in the round again. Cast on 56 stitches, and knit (over several days, mind you) 25ish rounds. Tried sock on. Too big and floppy. It is apparently stretching the sock around those 12 inch circs that renders them too big. Sigh. Good thing I have conquered my dislike of dpns, I guess. The sock is now on the needles again, this time 52 stitches on size 2 bamboo dpns. Relax, you mathing knitters. This will actually give me a tighter knit sock than the Addi 1s.

I did find the missing dpn, AND I have another set as well now. SOCKS! I love to knit socks! And sweaters, hats, dresses, etc.

I am planning to work my way more or less through Cool Socks, Warm Feet. And, I ordered a wee giftie for myself the other day. Knitting Vintage Socks is on its way to me. I trust it’s as good as Carla said it was. She hasn’t steered me wrong yet. Except about the Opal, ROFL. Can you believe she HATES Opal??????? Not that she’s sending her excess to me, or anything 😉

The baby is 2 weeks old today. How weird is it that I woke up feeling “normal”? I may even get dressed, but I doubt it. She’s gaining about an ounce a day. Occasionally she wakes up to tell us it’s time to eat, but mostly we are still letting her know.

So what’s on the agenda today? I need to get that boy stuff up on the HSY site. I need to oversee laundry and chores. I want to knit a bit. I need to bounce balance the checkbook as well. Mostly, I want to hang out with my kiddos, since it seems like I have barely spoken to them since Miss Fancy arrived. Hi kiddos, I’m Mom. Remember me?

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