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Nursing Naturally


Here you see my “new breast friend” and accouterments. This is how we feed the baby. It takes all the magic out of the process, I tell ya.

I can measure every quarter ounce she drinks
I know without a doubt she’s eating
Sometimes I can pump ahead and get a rest while someone else feeds her

That thing is not cuddly in the least or fun to look at
Sometimes I have to pump while someone else is doing the feeding
If she gets to the last bottle, I have to stay up and pump when I am so tired I am sick to my stomach

She does nurse some, and I hope to get her fully on the breast eventually. Those moments make it worth while. There is no better feeling emotionally in the world than nursing your babe. None.

Right now though, she’s too little to get the milk out well. So, I am a slave to the pump.

Yeah, I know, another weird emotional post. Sorry.

Knitting content: yesterday, I knit one round on my sock.

Baby report: She passed her doctor visit with flying colors, having gained 10 ounces since we took her in last Friday morning.

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