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Banner Day!

  • The baby now weighs an astounding 6lb 4 oz
  • The mortgage is current
  • I got halfway through my sock leg yesterday

Today: more laundry, balance checkbook (yeah, I did not do it yesterday), clean kitchen counter, knit, and a shower would be good. I also need to make a list of household and school needs. That oughta keep me out of trouble for a few minutes :)

Oh yeah. Fee tagged me while I was in the hospital with DD#5. She wants to know what knitting pattern I would most like to have. It’s a book, and I ordered it a few days ago. Knitting Vintage Socks has had me drooling for months.


She weighs six pounds!

Chatty Cass

So, got some Addi circs, 12 inch, size 1. Yippee, thought I: I can knit socks in the round again. Cast on 56 stitches, and knit (over several days, mind you) 25ish rounds. Tried sock on. Too big and floppy. It is apparently stretching the sock around those 12 inch circs that renders them too big. Sigh. Good thing I have conquered my dislike of dpns, I guess. The sock is now on the needles again, this time 52 stitches on size 2 bamboo dpns. Relax, you mathing knitters. This will actually give me a tighter knit sock than the Addi 1s.

I did find the missing dpn, AND I have another set as well now. SOCKS! I love to knit socks! And sweaters, hats, dresses, etc.

I am planning to work my way more or less through Cool Socks, Warm Feet. And, I ordered a wee giftie for myself the other day. Knitting Vintage Socks is on its way to me. I trust it’s as good as Carla said it was. She hasn’t steered me wrong yet. Except about the Opal, ROFL. Can you believe she HATES Opal??????? Not that she’s sending her excess to me, or anything 😉

The baby is 2 weeks old today. How weird is it that I woke up feeling “normal”? I may even get dressed, but I doubt it. She’s gaining about an ounce a day. Occasionally she wakes up to tell us it’s time to eat, but mostly we are still letting her know.

So what’s on the agenda today? I need to get that boy stuff up on the HSY site. I need to oversee laundry and chores. I want to knit a bit. I need to bounce balance the checkbook as well. Mostly, I want to hang out with my kiddos, since it seems like I have barely spoken to them since Miss Fancy arrived. Hi kiddos, I’m Mom. Remember me?

Birth Story, Part I

On Sunday morning, the 12th, I was having fairly easy contractions, very similar to the ones I had been having. DH said that I had “that look” though, so we were expecting things would pick on up. I called the midwife to give her a heads up. I expected things would get going when the boys went down for quiet time, and sure enough, they did, and I had good contractions about 5 minutes apart for that couple of hours, so we called the midwife again. They had petered out some when she got here (it was time for the boys to get up again, so I knew that would happen), but she checked me, and I was quite effaced and a stretchy 4. She said she was going to leave, but expected to be back by dark, just call her. We chatted a while, and I got up to go potty while she gathered her things. When I came out, her hand was on the doorknob, and I started having contractions that buckled my knees. I was at the back of the couch, holding on to it, and said, “Midwife, I think you better not go.” This was right at 6pm. Baby had slammed from -1 station to + 1 in about 10 minutes.

The contractions were 2 minutes apart, and incredibly intense. I got to the end of the bed, and kneeled down so I could rest my upper body on the mattress, and she gloved up, because we both expected the baby to come flying out. But, no! In spite of the 8 centimeter contractions, I was still at 3-4.

After about 3 hours 30 minutes of these back to back contractions, I got up to go to the bathroom, and things backed off a bit. I piddled around, doing this and that, gathering clothes for me for after, etc.

Things continued to be start and stop, mostly stop for a couple hours. I was glad for the break when it first occurred, but then I was ready to get down to business, and still no more good contractions. At 8:15, I hit a real good 6 and the babe was well down and applied to the cervix.

So, I started knitting, LOL! Finally around midnight, I made the connection. As long as I was standing or sitting bolt upright, the good contractions continued, but as soon as I relaxed my positioning into something less rigid, they stopped. So, I stood. And I sat bolt upright. Of course, by this time, I had been laboring for several hours, and the “good contractions” were incredibly intense. All that added up to not being able to stand for very long at a time, because I felt like I was going to fall down.

We sent the younger girls on to bed at 12, as I was really beginning to feel the pressure to produce a baby NOW! NOW! NOW!, and promised to wake them before the babe came. I was kneeling on the living room floor, knitting that sock toe, when the contractions began to feel “grunty”, though a trial push was no good. I had the midwife’s assistant wake the girls at that point, though they still had to wait awhile.

1:00 AM 13 Feb, 8 centimeters. The bag had been bulging for awhile, and so we elected to break it at 2 AM, since I was still at 8, with baby at +2 station.

2:35-2:50 almost complete, and there was a goodish resting phase. I sang through several contractions, trying to hold off pushing as long as I could, trying to wait out a cervical lip, but eventually, I could not wait anymore, and here came the babe. First push at 3:00.

Her head was not flexed, so she was snagged on the perineum at about the eyebrows for a contraction. At 3:06 she popped right on out, the rest of the head and the shoulders (together) in one contraction.

We were quite concerned, as she did not cry out like we expected and her head was terrifyingly blue. I finally looked at her body, which was a nice rosy pink, and just kept saying, “the body is pink”, “her body is pink”, as the midwife scrambled for the stethoscope to check her heart and everyone looked on horrified.

Heart was great, breathing was great, she just had a huge bruise covering the entire head down to eyebrow level. She latched on and suckled well (we thought), and life was good again. Her apgars were 8 and 10, she was 5 pounds 6 ounces, and 17.5 inches long.

She sang for several hours after she was born. It was the sweetest sound. I have never had a baby sing to me before, though this is not the only one I’ve “sung out”.

Next up: how jaundice sucks.

You Gotta be Kidding Me!

We have the puking/pooping death here now. Ohhhhhhhhhhh, GROSS! Three are down. So far.

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Loss and Gain

Lost: one size 2 dpn on which I wish to knit socks and one size 2 12 inch Addi circular onto which I cast on all my socks, and on which I could knit socks from Cascade Fixation

Gained: another couple ounces, up to 5 pounds and 12.8 ounces

Gratuitous Baby pics:

DDs 4 and 5 with me

Sleeping DD#5

Just another pretty face :)

Nursing Naturally


Here you see my “new breast friend” and accouterments. This is how we feed the baby. It takes all the magic out of the process, I tell ya.

I can measure every quarter ounce she drinks
I know without a doubt she’s eating
Sometimes I can pump ahead and get a rest while someone else feeds her

That thing is not cuddly in the least or fun to look at
Sometimes I have to pump while someone else is doing the feeding
If she gets to the last bottle, I have to stay up and pump when I am so tired I am sick to my stomach

She does nurse some, and I hope to get her fully on the breast eventually. Those moments make it worth while. There is no better feeling emotionally in the world than nursing your babe. None.

Right now though, she’s too little to get the milk out well. So, I am a slave to the pump.

Yeah, I know, another weird emotional post. Sorry.

Knitting content: yesterday, I knit one round on my sock.

Baby report: She passed her doctor visit with flying colors, having gained 10 ounces since we took her in last Friday morning.

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