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Show Time!

We had Christmas at my mom’s today. Have I told you Mama rocks? Well, she so does! She got Polar Express *and* March of the Penguins for me! And the new Martina MacBride CD, and, and pajamas and underwear, and bath stuff, and, and. And Daddy got me a gorgeous doll!

Tonight, I will watch movies and knit! Can’t show you a picture of what I knit, cause I left my camera over there, and came home and straight-away changed into my jammies, so I can’t go get it.

DD#1s friend came with us, and I was grateful for my abundant stash. I was able to put together a yarn package for her, and also let her select yarn for a pair of socks so she had a couple presents. The children all enjoyed their goodies as well. The boys got super-hero boxers and socks, and they were sure thrilled with those!

Tomorrow, there will be much unpacking of new things from boxes :)

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