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Psalm 8

3 When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, The moon and the stars, which You have ordained, 4 What is man that You are mindful of him, And the son of man that You visit him? 5 For You have made him a little lower than the angels, And You have crowned him with glory and honor. 6 You have made him to have dominion over the works of Your hands; You have put all things under his feet, 7 All sheep and oxen– Even the beasts of the field, 8 The birds of the air, And the fish of the sea That pass through the paths of the seas. 9 O Lord, our Lord, How excellent is Your name in all the earth

Goodbye Christmas

We took down the tree and other decorations today. I really enjoyed having the family here. It was much less stressful getting ready for all of them to come to me than trying to get all of us out the door, fully clothed and in decent moods. I’ll be pushing to be allowed to host these events more often!!

We left the furniture pushed back quite a bit, instead of putting it back in the places it had occupied. It makes the living room much bigger, and we can all be in there without feeling claustrophobic.

Work continues on the bamboo/woolease scarf, and it will probably be finished tonight. I don’t know what to do with the other 4 balls of orphans I have pulled out. We’ll see. I may go back to my regular scheduled stitching until the muse hits on those. We’ll see.

I do know I can’t use any of it for DD#4. I am going to have a revolt on my hands if I do much more for her. But how can you resist making stuff for a child who giggles and runs to you when it’s time to be measured or try something on? When she saw the yarn for the matching sweater to her dress, she petted it and laughed. I mean, come on, how cute is that???


So here I was yesterday, stitching along; fat, dumb and happy as it were. And suddenly, I *needed* to gather up the odd balls and use them. Now, last time I *needed* to do something, I was very glad I listened, so I hesitated about 2 seconds, and then went through the stash. I’ve made these 2 things so far, and more will be forthcoming. In fact, I am getting ready to start a scarf from a couple of burgundy balls now, one woolease, one bamboo.

These are made from the last of the TLC Cara Mia. The hat is size 2-4 years, and the scarf is for ages 12 and up or so, done in the flat knot stitch.

Opus 2006

This year’s major project will be the patch blanket for DD#1’s hope chest. Here are the first four squares:

I counted on 2 squares per ball, and I got four, plus a few yards left to add to the scrap blanket I started yesterday. This leads to a few thoughts.

1)This blanket will take much less yarn that I planned.
2)I now have an abundance of this color, which I will use as the basis for a Santa Train set.
3)Since I get twice as much per ball as I thought, I can put this blanket aside until I finish the two baby blankets I have going, thus keeping with my plan to have just one blanket going at a time. This is a good thing, as it will keep me from getting overwhelmed. Well, it will help at any rate, LOL!


I know you can’t see it cause I haven’t shown you, but I have been stitching. I just haven’t finished anything else yet. But I promise I am stitching. I am stitching so much that I have managed to get my wrist and arm to throb with pain. I had to put a little brace thing on this morning it was hurting so bad. Hmm, these school vacations leave me with a lot of stitching time.

DD called the community college yesterday. She has orientation to adult high school Tuesday morning. They will give her some kind of placement test, and look at her transcripts and decide exactly what she needs. The requirements are different and more flexible this way. They indicated over the phone that it sho0uld be a pretty quick process for her, and she will have an actual diploma, issued by the county. And she can then enroll in regular college classes there.

Today, I plan to (try to) stitch, and possibly get a couple things finished. DD#4 needs another pair of wool pants, and I have promised DH they will go in the basket next, so I need to get on that. And we’ll spiff up the living room for tomorrow’s family party. That will just leave floors and toilets to do first thing in the morning. With this many people in the house doing them any earlier will just mean doing them again. I need to make a pumpkin pie as well. So that’s the agenda.

Have Hammer, Will Post!

Pair of midwife hats 1/4/2006

HSY piece, in the store, 1/2/2006

Crusher hat, Dulaan hat, and baby soaker shorts 1/1/2006

It’s time to reload the basket! Yay! I just love doing that :)

Took DD#1 to the school today. She was advised to contact the community college for info on the Adult High School program there. She could graduate from North, but it would be an uphill climb. She has the credits numerically, but they are not the right ones. The counselor said she would write the letter to allow DD to enroll now in AHS before she is 18, and she would get the principal to sign it.

Well, I am off to stock that soaker, and get my yarn basket reloaded. You can check the “active stitches” in a bit to see what I plan to work on next :)

~FOs 2006

DD 5s stocking
DD#5’s stocking 12/23/2006 Details

knitted ornaments 2
Knitted ornaments, 10 little toboggans 12/22/2006

Stole for Granny 12/01/2006 Details

Dulaan set 11/22/2006 Details

Altered dress for DD#4 11/14/2006

Blanket for DD#5 10/29/2006 Details

russset.jpg russsocks.jpg
Set for DS#1 10/03/2006 Details

Another keyhole scarf 10/01/2006

DD#4 models the kehhole scarf. This was made in a variety of blues, and looks so much better in person. 9/11/2006

Opal Tiger Hat for DD#2 9/9/2006

Midwife hat and Opus square, finished 9/8/2006

Pinwheel sweater 9/1/2006 Details

Suede hat for DD#2 8/20/2006 Details

Square for Opus Blanket 8/13/2006

Hat for the midwife 8/12/2006

Jenna’s socks 8/12/2006

DS#2’s socks 8/10/2006 He’s distracted by a fistful of oreos.

DS#3’s socks 8/9/2006 Details

Grandmother’s socks 8/6/2006 Details

Buttonhole Bag 7/24/2006 Details

Feather and Fan Pullover 7/20/2006 Details

Dulaan neckwarmer/earwarmer 7/9/2006

Baby hat 7/8/2006

Fairisle hat going to Dulaan 6/21/2006

This is DD#2 in her new sweater, knit on 7s, with Cascade Pima Silk and Art Yarns Serenade, about 1100 yards total. Basic top down raglan. I assure you, she likes it. She was dancing with glee last night, before I even had the second button band on it. I guess she’s intimidated by having her picture on the internet or something. What can I say? she’s 12, almost 13. 6/19/2006

Altered Baby Surprise Jacket for Dulaan 6/12/2006 Details

Dulaan Hat 6/1/2006

Ok, I did cut part of his arm off, but the expression was so funny that I had to keep this pic. The yarn is Plymouth Encore, and it’s my bottom-up unpatterned sweater. 5/29/2006

4/14/2006 Details

Opal Brasil 5001 on size 2 dpns 3/24/2006

Hat for DD#5 2/14/2006

DD#5 2/13/2006

Socks for me 2/13/2006

Socks for me 2/10/2006

Blanket for the babe 2/8/2006

Opal Dress for DD#4 2/6/2006

2 midwife hats and 4 Opus Squares

BSJ with scarf, hat and thumbless mitts 2/1/2006

DD#4 and her mittens 1/31/2006

DS#1 and his mittens 1/28/2006

DD#3 in her new sweater, holding the midwife hat I made with the leftovers 1/27/2006

DD#1 and her Crusher Hat 1/24/2006

2 more midwife hats 1/23/2006

Soaker for the store that I finished sometime last week.

DD#2 crusher hat 1/22/2006

DD#3 crusher hat 1/22/2006

More midwife hats 1/20/2006

DS#2 mittens 1/20/2006

Ds#3 mittens 1/16/2006

Easter sweater for DD#4, matches the little dress and hat 1/15/2006



Soaker for the new babe 1/12/2006

Crusher hat for gift and 2 midwife hats 1/11/2006

Size 1 shorts for HSY 1/10/2006

4 more midwife hats 1/9-10/2006

Dulaan hat 1/9/2006

2 yarn scarf 1/8/2006

Hat 1/6/2006
Scarf 1/7/2006

This year’s major project will be the patch blanket for DD#1’s hope chest. Here are the first four squares.

Pair of midwife hats 1/4/2006

HSY piece, in the store, 1/2/2006

Crusher hat, Dulaan hat, and baby soaker shorts 1/1/2006

If I Had a Hammer!

ok, what about a camera? I have a stack of Fos to show you, and my camera is still at Mama’s. From the 1st, there’s a crusher hat, a Dulaan hat and a baby soaker. From the 2nd, a piece for HSY. And who knows what today will bring? Well, it should bring working on the baby blanket. But it’s already 59 degrees outside, and warmer inside. I guess I can hold onto the the hope, however fleeting, that if it continues to be this warm the baby won’t *need* a cosy mom-made, full-of-love-and-dreams blanket, right? Or can at least wait like DD#4 did.

So that leaves working on my lace sweater and a couple of midwife hats. Little, light and lovely.

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