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Midwife Update

Baby’s heartrate: 150 (how ambiguous is that?)
Weight: maybe 5 pounds
Weeks to go:4

Mile Long List

Today’s list of things to do is incredibly long. So long that I wrote it on paper. I don’t want to do any of it, except the knitting related stuff, of course. Today is our last day of vay-kay, and Monday we will be back on our school schedule. That means the knitting time will drop way back, LOL!

It is unreasonably hot and humid here today! I think I will end up running the a/c before it’s over. In January.

And I need a haircut. Let’s see if I can find anything else to complain about………. I am sure there is more, but I can’t think of it right now :)

The first thing I am going to do is update the stash page and side bar. I was gonna wait til the end of the month, but FIFTY balls of yarn have been used since Jan 1, and I need to get that cleaned up. Then I suppose I better get cracking on other stuff. Since I can’t stand for more than 15 minutes, I’ll be taking frequent fiber breaks.

Mama Rocks Again!

14 balls of hat yarn.

Lookie! I told Mama I had used up the last of my credits at the yarn store (from teaching) on hat yarn for the midwife. She said that would never do. She said “I’ll be right back.” So, I bagged up those 7 balls while she was gone, and she brought me all this yarn. Yay Mama!

Li’l soaker

Finished the second soaker for the baby. I doubled Cascade Quattro for this one, and knit it on 10.5s. I like the cushy feel the finished fabric has. I also really like this colorway, and plan to find a use for it again. I am using the leftovers to make a soaker for the store, this for the waist and leg trim, with a black body.

We rock!

I just have to brag on my girl. DD#1 started her classes yesterday needing one math and one science to graduate. Today, she finished the math course except for the final, and started on the science. This girl is leaving a smoking trail!!!

Oh, and I finished some more things yesterday and today:)

Yarn and Hats

7 balls for midwife hats

4 more midwife hats


Dulaan hat, double stranded, red and hot pink, knit on 10.5s. I tell ya, I never thought iin my wildest dreams these 2 colors could be used together. You learn something everyday :)

Another Scarf

This was crocheted with a K hook in the flat knot stitch. One row woolease, one row bamboo. I really like the texture on it.

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