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More Mittens

This is DS#2 with his new mittens, freshly finished:

Made from doubled Fortissima Colori in 2405 with an E crochet hook, from a pattern I wrote myself. Perhaps one day I should put these patterns of mine up on the site, eh?


Did I tell you last week that the boys had been sick? Well, they’ve recovered. And the pink-eye baby is apparently over that as well. DD#2 has gone down, and guess who is now sick? Yes, me. With all my littles running at full speed. Yay me!

The baby shower was fun! I got several suits for the new babe, a subscription to Interweave Knits, and 2 nursing nightgowns, one with a matching robe, and one with a matching baby nightgown.

I updated the active stitches last night, and re-loaded the basket.

Today will be a light day for everything school and house. But I should get a good bit of stitching done, so I guess that’s a bright spot. I’m off to start the laundry, then I will sit here, be miserable and knit.

Next Sweater

Last night, I was ready to do something besides a sock, was waiting on a customer to get back to me before I could move forward on hsy knitting, and it was too hot for the baby blanket. Those are all my excuses. So, I started the sweater for DD#3. I was right yesterday when I guessed it was more cantaloupe than watermelon. These colors will look nice on her.

She wants an interesting feature–split sleeves. I’ve never made those before. I’ll make her a crusher hat from this yarn as well, and hope to find her a skirt to wear with it for Easter.

My wrist and elbow are singing again today. Actually, they are howling like alley cats. I’ve had to stop several times in this short post to get feeling back on my hand. Well, some feeling besides fire.

Today’s agenda: tidies, laundry, school, knitting if I can and baby shower tonight.


In Progress


All done

The cuffs are made from sock yarn, and the bodies were felted from Cascade 220. They seem a little big, so I may try to felt them a little more. Or I may leave them this way so they fit next year. Did I mention it’s supposed to be in the 70s today?

I updated the stash page as well.


That was me. Falling off the wagon. In a big way. When I got to the store yesterday, Martha had yarn everywhere. Boxes and Bags and Oodles and Caboodles of new yarns had come in. I got there 2 hours early to sit and knit. Instead, I helped her stock and shopped. If you have never shopped for yarn before it even hit the shelves of a store………..let me tell ya, it is a thrill.

There were 2 yarns I seriously fondled but did not buy-one was a cashmere blend, I cant remember the brand. I looked at Martha and said “holy cow! you could have relations on that”. It is without a doubt soft as air. I’ll figure out a use for a ball or two eventually. I also played with Elizabeth Lavold Silky Wool. They had a wonderful blue that would look so good on me, me, me!

Oh, you wanna know what I did get? 10 balls of Encore Colorspun in 3 different colorways, 2 balls of Opal TIGER!!!!!!!!, a ball of Opal Flamingo, and 10 balls of Plymouth Bella Colour in a colorway that reminds me of watermelon, but I suppose is more like cantaloupe. Check for pics later today. Now, in my defense……I won’t be back in the store for about 3 months, ok?? Just Wednesday night there is a baby shower during knitting group, and then I won’t see new yarn for a long time. Like, until April 3rd!

Which is when I am scheduled to start teaching again. Yay!! First up “Picking and Grinning” or Continental knitting. That’s a one class workshop. Then 5 weeks of unpatterned sweater, then a week on short rows. Then we’ll probably do the top-down raglan again. , though it is not written in the books yet.

I felt really good last night about my teaching. One of my students this time was another instructor for the store. Now, I did not realize this until AFTER class last night. So after all the junk from the crazy students, I have now been audited by a professional, LOL! Anyway, back to the story. Martha says this teacher told her this: She heard me advising a student on something, not even talking to the whole class, and what I said just made her mouth drop open. She said to Martha she would sit in my classes all day just to hear the little tidbits I drop. Do I need to tell you how relieved I felt to hear that? It’s not me! I’m not crazy!

I got a haircut yesterday. It’s, umm, really short. I told my mom I needed something I did not have to fuss with, cause I just don’t have time. We had a misunderstanding, let me tell ya. The haircut I got was NOT the one I had in mind. In fact, when I saw it, I almost cried. It was sticking out everywhere, like a PORCUPINE! But, oh when it dried! It curled ever so slightly, and softened ever so much, and I love it. It’s is a great look for me. Even DH likes it. And all the ladies at the shop. There is really only one problem–the back of my neck is suddenly cold. But I suppose I’ll get used to it.

Now, to finish up this news-hour the baby apparently has pink eye, I have things to do, and it’s time to hit publish and get on with the day. Don’t go thinking I am virtuous. First thing I plan to do is sit here and eat a yogurt. Next, I’ll sit here and have another cup of coffee. 😛

Oh yeah, it’s a holiday

So we are not back on our school schedule. I have one more day of reprieve. I must use it to do all the stuff I did not do before. You know, that stuff I listed out, but did not do but sat and knit instead?

Oh well.

I am about an hour from finishing my first pair of mittens! They are to be felted. No stress on that, since I have plenty of laundry to do :)

Tonight is my last class until after the baby comes. I will miss teaching. It has finally cooled off here. Now I am cold, LOL! Here’s the funny part. After all that fussing about the baby blanket, the midwife told me not to finish it yet. She doesn’t want me to be “ready” to have the baby yet. I agree with her on that, having delivered a couple of smallish babes once I was “ready”, but it sure is funny to NOT be finishing the blanket. I’ll still work on it a bit, of course, but I probably won’t finish it until after January is over. We’ll probably haul the birth kit and such out next weekend, and I will get that stuff ready.

These last 2 pregnancies have been so different mentally for me. In my earlier ones, I spent a lot of time “brooding”. Thinking about the baby, rubbing my belly, etc. But with these two, that’s just not happened. It’s like there is no time for it. I know I’m pregnant, and the due date is approaching, but interaction consists of a quick pat on the belly after a particularly noticeable movement, and then on to the next thing. But as soon as the baby is born, it will be like s/he’s been with us forever. It has always been that way before.

Well, my coffee is almost gone. I’m gonna pull that list out and get started on it.


Finished the Easter Sweater for DD#4.

This was made with Mission Falls Cotton and Reynolds Ole-Ole, knitted on size 9 needles. No real pattern, it’s a top down raglan. The sleeves hit right at the wrist now, and by Easter, they will hopefully be more 3/4 length, as befits a spring/summer cotton sweater. I’ll be looking for buttons when I go shopping in town again.

Oh, why am I home finishing sweaters this morning instead of being in church where I belong? Well, see, two of my boys up-chucked last night, so I quarantined the household. This morning, they are up and fine. Go figure.

2+4=6 midwife hats



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