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That was me. Falling off the wagon. In a big way. When I got to the store yesterday, Martha had yarn everywhere. Boxes and Bags and Oodles and Caboodles of new yarns had come in. I got there 2 hours early to sit and knit. Instead, I helped her stock and shopped. If you have never shopped for yarn before it even hit the shelves of a store………..let me tell ya, it is a thrill.

There were 2 yarns I seriously fondled but did not buy-one was a cashmere blend, I cant remember the brand. I looked at Martha and said “holy cow! you could have relations on that”. It is without a doubt soft as air. I’ll figure out a use for a ball or two eventually. I also played with Elizabeth Lavold Silky Wool. They had a wonderful blue that would look so good on me, me, me!

Oh, you wanna know what I did get? 10 balls of Encore Colorspun in 3 different colorways, 2 balls of Opal TIGER!!!!!!!!, a ball of Opal Flamingo, and 10 balls of Plymouth Bella Colour in a colorway that reminds me of watermelon, but I suppose is more like cantaloupe. Check for pics later today. Now, in my defense……I won’t be back in the store for about 3 months, ok?? Just Wednesday night there is a baby shower during knitting group, and then I won’t see new yarn for a long time. Like, until April 3rd!

Which is when I am scheduled to start teaching again. Yay!! First up “Picking and Grinning” or Continental knitting. That’s a one class workshop. Then 5 weeks of unpatterned sweater, then a week on short rows. Then we’ll probably do the top-down raglan again. , though it is not written in the books yet.

I felt really good last night about my teaching. One of my students this time was another instructor for the store. Now, I did not realize this until AFTER class last night. So after all the junk from the crazy students, I have now been audited by a professional, LOL! Anyway, back to the story. Martha says this teacher told her this: She heard me advising a student on something, not even talking to the whole class, and what I said just made her mouth drop open. She said to Martha she would sit in my classes all day just to hear the little tidbits I drop. Do I need to tell you how relieved I felt to hear that? It’s not me! I’m not crazy!

I got a haircut yesterday. It’s, umm, really short. I told my mom I needed something I did not have to fuss with, cause I just don’t have time. We had a misunderstanding, let me tell ya. The haircut I got was NOT the one I had in mind. In fact, when I saw it, I almost cried. It was sticking out everywhere, like a PORCUPINE! But, oh when it dried! It curled ever so slightly, and softened ever so much, and I love it. It’s is a great look for me. Even DH likes it. And all the ladies at the shop. There is really only one problem–the back of my neck is suddenly cold. But I suppose I’ll get used to it.

Now, to finish up this news-hour the baby apparently has pink eye, I have things to do, and it’s time to hit publish and get on with the day. Don’t go thinking I am virtuous. First thing I plan to do is sit here and eat a yogurt. Next, I’ll sit here and have another cup of coffee. 😛

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