sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

The never ending sweater did

Yep, finally finished yesterday, and made a midwife hat with the leftovers.

Yarn: Plymouth Bella Colour
Needles: 8

This is the same yarn as the Reynolds Santana I like so much. Still a delightful knit :) It runs about a buck per ball less than the Reynolds. But, trust me, same yarn. If you don’t believe me, pull up the respective color cards and compare them. Same yardage, same color, same feel, same knitting experience.

Two warnings: Ignore the recommendation for a size 10 needle if you want any coverage at all. And remember this yarn is over half cotton, it has a tendency to shrink in length. Either knit is a bit longer than you really need it, or plan to be flashing your belly button 😛

I cast on last night for a BSJ, and got almost half way through that. I’m using that creamy encore. I am thinking of making an attached scarf for it. But I think I will work on the mitten first.

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