sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

If I Had a Hammer!

ok, what about a camera? I have a stack of Fos to show you, and my camera is still at Mama’s. From the 1st, there’s a crusher hat, a Dulaan hat and a baby soaker. From the 2nd, a piece for HSY. And who knows what today will bring? Well, it should bring working on the baby blanket. But it’s already 59 degrees outside, and warmer inside. I guess I can hold onto the the hope, however fleeting, that if it continues to be this warm the baby won’t *need* a cosy mom-made, full-of-love-and-dreams blanket, right? Or can at least wait like DD#4 did.

So that leaves working on my lace sweater and a couple of midwife hats. Little, light and lovely.

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