sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

Haha on me!

I am just sitting here thinking, what a day for a baby to come.
Fact #1: Dh is broke down in town, halfway between nowhere and the edge of the world, as he put it.

Fact #2: My mother is absolutely stuck at home because there is no aid there to take care of Grandmother.

Fact#3: Dh did manage to get DD#1 to school before he went to town and broke down.

Fact#4: I just called the midwife’s cellphone to give her an update (she’s asked me to stay in good touch with her) and got to leave a message.

So, the babe will definitely come today, or definitely not. Haha on me!

So far as knitting, I am working on DD#2’s Easter sweater today. It’s a top down raglan cardi, and it will take me forever to “cover her girls”. When I get 2 more balls in it, I want to go ahead and finish the BSJ set, and then I’ll finish up the baby blanket, I think. Not all of that will happen today, of course, but it’s my current plan. I’ll stick with it until I get another current plan.

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