sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things


Awhile ago, I got the itch. The unidentifiable itch. The “Need to xyz” itch. Was it stash? Messy room? I was already processing laundry as fast as the machines could go, so it wasn’t that. So DD#1 and I started to try to organize my room. Well, it is organized. It’s full, but there is not alot of clutter there, and there was not much to that idea. But we did get the little hutch ready for baby things. And then I started winding some yarn. I looked up and said “what’s the date?”. Well, it’s the 20th of course. And a little rapid math tells me 25 days to go. Max. THAT’S the itch. It’s time to get ready, and ready I shall get. Just a little more today, but then the midwife comes for the home visit tomorrow, and DH will pull the birth kit and teeny baby things out of the shed, and we’ll get ready.

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