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Best Laid Plans

No, I did not finish the sweater. I had to rip out the bottom ruffle to make it more ruffle-y. But I got it back in and one sleeve over half done.

In family news, DD#1 has apparently succumbed to the cruddy sickness from which I am not yet recovered. And our financial situation has not improved. On the bright side, DH has had enough work this week to keep him busy, so prayerfully we will pull back from the brink of disaster in the next couple of weeks. Before the baby comes would be good. And to not have anyone in the house sick would be good, too.

I want to clean out the changing table today, keep up the laundry and knit. That’s a full day considering how I feel. I want to finish the sweater, but I am tired of working on it for now. We’ll see. I’ll commit to finishing the first sleeve, and then perhaps the “final rush” will kick in.

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