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Rich Beyond Compare

The White Christmas service was good, and led to an epiphany of sorts for me. Before we ever got seated I was told to “remember White Christmas”, and I replied that I had the stuff right here. But no, “to come receive, not give”. The church plans on blessing us this year again. So I told the deacon who was talking to me that I was not even going to argue about it this year.

We ended up going first in the Great Missions March because of where we were sitting. I had tried to get us all in the back, since I had 5 of the children with me, but such was not to be, LOL! The children were well behaved, though. The things we gave were simple, but what I got to teach my children today, is that even when we have little, we can share.

Anyway, I realized as I marched those 5 children across the front of the church, that I am just so incredibly blessed. I am truly a rich woman to have received so many of God’s most precious blessings. Even in times where we struggle financially, there are so few people in the world who have what I have.

And not only do I have these blessings now, but I can carry them with me into eternity. People are all we can carry with us across the abyss, you know. We won’t take money, or cars or fancy clothes or houses. Christ did not come for all that stuff. He came for people. Every life we touch with the love of God is a gift. Our gift to God, and His gift to us at the same time. It feels so good now to do so, and in heaven, when we find out the eternal effects of our temporal lives……. oh, can you just imagine? What a thrill! Can you even think what it will be like to look around and see souls you influenced there in the Kingdom?

So as I sing of the Savior’s coming this month, I’ll be praying that I let that great love shine out of me and into the world around me. Starting right in my own living room.

White Christmas

Today is White Christmas at church. We’re all supposed to bring a gift wrapped in white for local missions. It’s gonna be 70 degrees, LOL! I have the gifts wrapped, mostly things I’ve made, but it sure is hard to get into the spirit of the season when you are sweating.

Last night, I got the first sleeve of karaoke finished, and picked up for the second. Today, I’ll work on small things, stocking ornaments and midwife hats.

I did get an email from the yarn store, and DH’s sweater yarn is in, so I can pick that up Tuesday night, and get started. If it cools down some.

Right this minute, all I want to do is sleep. DD#4 has been waking up every night for what seems like forever. It really saps my motivation to do anything other that sit, I’ll tell ya. I just want to crawl into a small dark cave and collect myself, ykwim?

Look at this colorway!

I really like this colorway. I took the pic to show the very long repeat. I could so see some socks for me in this, as it would match everything!

Sing with Me!

It’s Karaoke time!

Just needs sleeves and some finishing work now.


Dh did get home in time for me to go to Mama’s last night. I got the strips in place and the edging started. That blanket is huge. I can’t even spread it out completely in her living room!!

I took off from knitting completely yesterday, trying to rest my hand/wrist. I’ll be back on the karaoke today, though. I have 18 inches done on the body, heading toward 25 plus edging. Then it’s just the sleeves. I will have to hold off on the second sleeve though, so I can show the pick-up technique in class. At this point, I plan to work only on it, but we’ll see how it goes, with my arm. I am really hoping it has more to do with this particular needle size, 7, than the actual knitting.

Good news: with no knitting, I did *alot* of crocheting, didn’t I? (Check the sidebar for the answer to today’s trivia question!)

One final thing–I did update the stash page last night. Even with the acquisitions, I still shrunk my stash this week :)

Dear DH,

After you left for work this morning, I made the next-to-last square for your blanket. Then I made the last one. I put together one strip and just finished the other. I’ve done all I can do here at home. The rest requires the blanket and I to be in the same place at the same time. So, I guess what I am saying is that whether or not you actually get this blanket for Christmas depends on how well our schedules intersect between now and then. Here’s wishing both of us good luck!

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