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Buncha Stuff

I got the syllabus written up for the top down raglan class. Gave that to Martha last night, and she liked it. I pointed out where it said “students should also be prepared to take notes”!

We had fun at our Christmas party last night! It was at one of our member’s new condo. We all brought a dish to share, and just sat around knitting. I had planned to take half the cake my gals baked yesterday. BUT! when I walked into the kitchen, I saw that DS#3 had been in the kitchen. Apparently eating chocolate cake by the fistful, LOL! I had DH pick me up some chips and dip instead :)

In spite of the cute little list I typed yesterday, I’ll not be working on all that stuff little by little. Dh does not have any sweaters from me, and he’s excited to get this one. So, as much as I can stand it, I’ll work solely on his sweater. I am almost through with the increases on that. That’s a physical and mental “stand it” btw. My fingers are numb this morning. Already. And I haven’t knit a stitch yet.

Of course, I will have to work on the notes for the unpatterned class, as those need to be done by Tuesday next.

Notes to self:

Type syllabus and class session notes for Unpatterned Sweater, use TDR as a guide

    One session per day

To meet knitting goals for the month:

    One small item per day (swatch/ornament/hat
    10 rows on baby blanket per day
    1 ball in Dh’s sweater per day
    Slip off to Mama’s to work on blanket as often as possible

Why did I think that?

There is no way I can fit 11 more balls of yarn in that basket! Even after I get the small stuff out of the way. So, that Foliage sits in a bag on my left, the basket on my right, and I am the queen of my little yarn-y kingdom.

The next deadline is for the swatches. I suppose I will make one today. Class response seems to be better with samples. I will make a class handout to go with those as I make them. I also need to transcribe one of my student’s notes for the unpatterned sweater class. This was quite a surprise to me. I never expected folks would need so many notes! I made my second or third sweater with no pattern, and it’s a natural to me now as breathing. See yarn, select needles, cast-on. I *should* have made really good notes for them as I made the sweaters, but it was a rush job trying to get the demos done.

Which reminds me, I need to make notes on what I did yesterday on Dh’s sweater, and continue to do so as I work on it. Then I can hand those out at the first class meeting.

Here is another thing that surprised me, but really shouldn’t have. We did not say that the students needed to have some experience. I had students who had no idea how to make a gauge swatch. Or use DPNs.

It sounds like I am put off by this class. In truth, I have enjoyed it immensely, and am looking forward to the next one. In fact, we told the students last night, they were free to audit the next class if they did not “get it”. Well, I should say *I* told them, and Martha agreed with me, LOL! Anyway, we have one more meeting left, then I am through teaching until January, when I have the top-down raglan and a short-row workshop.

See Dh’s Sweater?

Ok, it’s not a sweater yet, but it’s gonna be a top-down raglan.

11 balls of Berroco Foliage in Joshua Tree, becoming a sweater for Dh.

Small stuff

I filled my yarn basket yesterday with the rest of the yarn for this month’s projects (except midwife hat and cotton blanket, which are the same and are at my mom’s). So today, I am working on small stuff, stocking bodies, to get those balls out of the basket. I need the room, cause tonight, I pick up Dh’s sweater yarn!!

Swan Song!

It’s done. And here it is on DD#2, who fits in it much better than I do, not being swollen of belly.

I am not sure I am satisfied with it, but I’ll reserve judgement for now. What don’t I like?
1)The drop sleeves. I should have started decreasing fro the shoulders when I divided front and back.
2)The way the stripes change. I did not allow for self-striping yarn when I designed the sweater. It really should have been knitted in 2 pieces and seamed for best results.

Good news: I think every garment should teach you something.
The stats:
Yarn: 12 balls of karaoke
Needle: 7
Pattern: my own design

More Finished Stockings

Here are one for a dear friend, mine, and one for the ornament exchange.

Where’s that Maid?

Seems I have been stitching when I should have been up cleaning. Nothing unusual there, but it’s beginning to catch up with me. I have a mountain of laundry to attend to as well. And children to get back to the grind, who have enjoyed a month or so of Indian Summer, and now don’t want to buckle down to school. Oh, and I am in the same canoe with them, so it’s gonna take some real…. something to get us over this hump and back in to a routine. Just in time for Christmas. OK.

I am pretty close to finishing my stocking ornament, so I want to complete that today, and then work on the karaoke sleeve. I may get that finished, too. Or I may run right outta yarn. It’s a toss-up. Stay tuned, and I’ll declare a winner as soon as I know.

But first:
clean a room

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