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Ha. Ha. Ha. And Ha!

DD#2, DS#2, DS#3, DD#4
And yes, you are all welcome, in spite of the fact that not one of you said thanks. :(

Nope, not done yet!

I did get the fourth body done. Started the fifth, and noticed the yarn has elastic in it, so I will have to pick something else, or wait and let her pick when she gets here. (It’s for DD#1). I got one cuff done, the second started and went to bed before 11.

This morning, I’m finishing off that second cuff, and I really need to take a break from this tiny crochet hook. But I really need these things off my mind, too. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll do something really crazy, and work on laundry today instead. Wouldn’t that be a hoot? What I am itching to work on today is the baby blanket. I am almost to the point where I add the contrast color for a bit. Does everyone else look forward to seeing how a color change looks? Or maybe it’s just that it will be 1/3 done after that contrast section? Who knows!

Tonight is my last class. I did finish the syllabus and formula sheet. Can’t remember if I told you. It’s been approved by the store owner, who is also taking the class.

Ok, back to the cuffs! –for now

Bored Out of My Mind

Have you ever made 11 of something? It takes a lot of patience to repeat something 11 times. I am not a patient person. Next year, I plan to make them through the year instead of cramming all of them into December. Oh, you wanna know what I am talking about? The ornaments, of course.

Nonetheless, of the 5 I have left, I am on the body of number 4. I want the bodies finished today so I can crank out the cuffs. Everybody is ask, ask, asking when theirs will be done. I guess I can’t blame them, but I *am* tired of hearing it, LOL!

Back to the grind, and I’ll give ya a pic when they are all done.

Dude! Look at you!

Here is my handsome hubby in his handsome sweater, knit by his wife in just 5 days.

Yarn: 8 balls Berocco Foliage in colorway Joshua Tree
Needles: 9 and 11
Pattern: just a top down raglan

This yarn was nice to work. The combo of 53% wool and 47% acrylic is pleasant. I got gauge on the suggested needles, but I think if I knit it again, I’ll go down in needle size a bit. I just like my fabric a wee bit firmer than this. Very quick, and very enjoyable!

And, I told you it was DS’s birthday today. Here he is with his crown (made by DD#3), his Grandi, what’s was left of his cake and his brand spanking new Wiggles DVD! Happy Birthday, Son!

Progress! and Frustration

Went to Mama’s yesterday. Wrapped presents and got the round of white finished on the blanket. Just need to edge it in the variegated now. Brought the white cone home, and made midwife hats out of the remainder. And checked off 7 balls from stash :)

Today is DS#2’s 6th birthday. His cake is made and we are having Mama, Grandmother, some friends and Daddy stop by all at various times. Then tonight, there is rehearsal. It’s shaping up to be a busy day.

And I really need to go to Wal-Mart to get groceries. No time. What kind of person is too busy to go to Wal-Mart?

I also need to go through the box of goodies in my room, and see what presents are in it. I’ll lock myself in my room directly and do that. Then I can finalize my “need” list.

And I want to finish Dh’s sweater today. I am on the second sleeve, so that should be do-able as long as it stays cool enough in here to work on it. He was delighted last night to find out that it’s *not* for Christmas, and that he can have it as soon as I am finished with it.

All this list of “need/want to do” has led to me feeling very pressured this morning. And I’ve been a bit snappish. Why does everyone say “but” when I ask them to do something? My house was trashed when I got home last night, in spite of the good cleaning we gave it Friday, so I am trying to get the kids to pick it up. It is, after all, not my mess, and I have heard a constant litany of but, but, but, BUT! I think I even threatened to run away from home this morning.

So how’s your day shaping up?

Come on over!

Yes, we did clean this morning, LOL! And I got the diapers stripped. You don’t even wanna know how many times I had to run those things, but at last they smell like water, and as an added bonus, the white ones are white, instead of soap dingy. I’ll be adding vinegar to the rinse cycle on all my loads now.

The new dryer is HUGE! And quiet! And it starts when I push the button. How cool is that?

It’s 70 degrees in here now, so working on DH’s sweater is out of the question. The weather guessers say cold again tonight, so perhaps this evening I can pick it up and get the body finished. It’s just not worth “power surges” and accompanying nausea. I’m working instead on small stuff again, the bodies for the stocking ornaments.

Her butt is missing!

DD#4 of course! The dryer has finally just quit. Mid-cycle. With her dipes in it. Dh has arranged for Rent-A-Center to bring us a new-to-us one today. In the meantime, DD is wearing disposables. Ugh, the smell!

She’s had a rash now for quite awhile, so I will take advantage of the “sposie day” to get her diapers stripped. But I have forgotten how. That’s how long its been. Carla, when you stop by, isn’t it baking soda?

Oh, and I *am* going to clean today.

Stash report

Just updated the stash count :)

In spite of picking up 11 balls for Dh’s sweater, AND working on those little stocking ornaments that don’t use up a whole ball, my number went down again this week. I am sure pleased with that news.

Speaking of Dh’s sweater, I am am 5 balls in to it now, and the body is a bit over 21 inches. I am headed for 27 inches, so it’s really knitting up pretty quickly. I was afraid that it was not going to be as warm as I had hoped, but I can tell you now that it is big enough to cover my lap, that it is warm. Deliciously warm. Yes. nice. warm. good. sweater. yum.

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