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Whodda thunk it possible? My clone has feet 1/4 inch longer than mine! And I made a sock that fit me perfectly. They are very low cut at the ankle, and the 1/4 inch difference is enough to throw the fit off for her. So, I have a real cute footie sock. And 3 more socks to make.

I am well into the lace on the skirt of the Easter dress now. I want to try it on DD#4 before I go much further.

I am tired today. I stayed up quite late last nite, waiting to hear from Ann. Her husband is in the final stages of cancer, and last night was hairy. They ended up running him to the hospital.

Ordered my final Christmas presents yesterday. Paid and arm and leg for shipping on them. In fact, I bought four books, and the shipping was another books’ worth. But in exchange for that, I got the books for Amazon’s price, instead of paying full price at one of the stores in town. AND, more importantly, I don’t have to hire a bodyguard just so I can get in the store and shop. People are just so nasty this time of year. It’s obvious we’ve forgotten that we’re to be celebrating the Saviour’s birth, and are worshiping this year’s Tickle-Me Elmo instead. Sigh.

She’s finally here!

DD#1 was delayed, and did not get here til this morning. We were all so very excited to see her again! She picked her yarn, and I made her ornament today. This is the last one!

Busy Day!

Yep, I’m up early this morning. I’ll be leaving in a little while with Mama to try to track down the last couple of gifts I need and also do the grocery shopping, both at Wal-Mart. If I get home in time, we’ll go on to church.

Then the usual lunch/afternoon stuff, but half the children have to be back at church at 4:45 for the musical. The musical itself starts at 6, which we will all attend. Then there is a party after that.

AND THEN, my clone arrives this evening a bit after 9pm. I really don’t understand all that goes on with this girl. Actually, I don’t understand what goes on with that side of her family. Her dad was incredibly violent with her. The grandparents who have adored her since she was born now give her fits of apoplexy. And vice versa. It seems they bring out the absolute worst in her. But me? She doesn’t give me a problem at all. Ok, let me be honest. One. She lived here 6 months and we had *one* issue. Sigh.

We are all hoping she will choose to stay again. It’s too crazy, this thing that is her life. Of course, as I told her on the phone this week, I spent several years just as crazy. And around the exact same people. Coincidence? Nah, we don’t call each other clone for nothing. She is mine and I am hers in a way that time and distance did nothing to destroy. In a way that time and distance did nothing to lessen. This child is mine as none of my other children are.

I understand exactly how she sees the world, and how her thought processes work. Because they are my own thought processes. I wonder why that is, how that is? I’ve spent less time with her, percentage-of-her-life-wise than any of the others. How can it be that I know her best?

So, back to the more mundane! I went to Mama’s yesterday to help her with her Christmas doings. Took midwife hats to work on as they are simple and I don’t need a pattern, or markers or anything except hook and string. Ended up finishing all the ones I had on the needful list. I don’t know what I will work on today, if I have time to stitch at all. But I do know it’s Sunday, so I won’t be working on the needful list. I could do the stocking ornament, but I’ll let DD#1 pick her yarn for that, and not tonight, when she has just finished up a 2 day bus ride (yeah, *so not* my idea).


Couple of pics for you today.
Here is the Easter-dress-in-progress:

She loves to try it on, as she had to do several times yesterday while I was getting the sleeve gathered.

And this is how the Plymouth Jelli Beenz works up.

Today I need to put away laundry, and run a couple loads.
Pick a room and clean it.
Finish the checkbook and bills. I did work on it yesterday, but need dh’s checkbook to finish it.
And stitch.

I’ll finish off a midwife hat or 2, and then turn to the active stitches. I am trying to knock off one of those needful stitches each day as they are small things. I am almost to the halfway point of the baby blanket. I thought I would get there last night, but I was tired and counting to 16 over and over sent me right over to sleep-ville.

I did find the old card for the camera, yay me. I had put it with the brand-spanking-new one. I’m clever that way, I guess. Now, more coffee!

Gotta do’s

After I drink my coffee, and *before* I start stitching, I need to do some boring and mundane household stuff. Yeah, I know it’s a hard life.

    Tidy each room
    vac computer
    go through notes on the desk
    checkbook and bills
    make some sort of grocery list (haha, this would be easier if I knew when/if DD#1 was coming home)
    clean my room (vac/dust/sheets/etc)

Well, that’s a good start I suppose. But I’d rather stitch. Just so you know.

Little Midnight Maintenance

Actually, it’s well past midnight :)

But, I updated the stash count. I’m down to 192 balls! And I updated the stitches part of the sidebar. Enjoy!

Guess What!?!

Yesterday, I did 20 rows on the baby blanket and then a few rounds on DD#1s sock. Then I got bored and started looking around for something to do, and started this:

Yes, Carla, you recognize it. I am finally using that Mission Falls cotton. It’s great!! This is going to be a little lacy dress, and there will be hat, sweater and bloomers to match. I figured now was my last chance to follow a more-than-beginner pattern for awhile, as I will definitely be restricted to pretty plain stuff after the baby comes, and not much of that. Anyway, this will be an Easter suit for DD#4 (came off the 2006 list).

Now, I am almost certain I had something else to tell ya’ll. What was it?? Hmm?? Oh, yes, I remember now.

I finished Dh’s Christmas Blanket last night!

Nope, you can’t see it. I can’t take it out in front of the children, sorry. But it’s finished, folded and in the bag I hauled it in. I’ll give it in that same bag. In the meantime, I put it in the corner with my other fibery bags/bins and it passed without comment. There will be a pic come Christmas, though :)

I did go over to the 2006 page yesterday and bold the stuff I have the yarn for, and those will be first up come January (or sooner, LOL).

I’ll work on midwife hats today to finish off the last cone from Dh’s blanket. It’s shaping up to be a banner stash-busting week.

More Yarn!

Picked up yarn for January work last night. It’s on the stash page. I don’t know if I’ll get back before December is over, and I am going pretty good on the December list anyway, so I may get an early start.

I started DD#1 socks last night. I really like the way those are working up. She wants ankle socks, so it should not take long. Since she’s not here to take a foot measurement, I am just using a 3×3 spiral rib. No need to worry about a heel that way.

I did visit the cotton blanket yesterday, and got almost one side of the final edging done. I plan to go work on it tonight, and may actually get it finished :) Then I’ll put any leftover yarn in to midwife hats. I really need to get that done, cause after last night, I need the stash reduction 😉

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