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So this was Christmas

And it did not go quite as planned. We did not even make it to church. My mom came, and we lost track of time, and then it was too late to get ready and go. I forgot the macaroni and cheese for dinner. We ditched the pumpkin pie because we have so much other sweet stuff here. But everyone enjoyed their presents, and we even heard a “thank you” or two.

Ann’s dh passed on to glory the morning of Christmas Eve. I’ve been chatting with her off and on all weekend, but that has been deeply on my heart.

As for knitting and such, I finished a hat for the baby from the left over sock yarn. I am almost through with the short row swatch. It looks vaguely like half of a bra, but it came out really well, with undetectable short rows, and should spark interest in the class. Yes, Virginia, I now know how to pick up a purled wrap from the purl side. Yay me! I knew I could figure it out if I just sat down and looked at it. I had a student ask me about it in the Unpatterned Sweater class, but I’d never done it, and could not “see it” on the fly. I did tell her I’d have an answer for her next time I saw her, and now I do.

The baby blanket languishes still in the basket. It’s not that I’ve forgotten it, but I needed to get those socks done, and now, it is too hot to work on it (again). maybe it will cool off in January. In the meantime, there is no shortage of things to make, as usual.

I’ll finish this swatch in a minute, and do the increase swatch. We have knitting group Wednesday, so I can drop them off at the store. Then, I’ll look and see what else I can get into trouble with. Might be my socks. Might be something else.

I probably ought to fold laundry sometime today as well. Seems the children are still quite fond of clothes.

I’ll post some FO pics later, maybe even a few of the children.

Merry Christmas, Sweetheart!

Finally you get to see the blanket!

It does hang down on the sides of the bed, but I did the best I could getting the pics.

Kids Pics and socks!


with DS#1

with DD#1

and finally socks for DD#1

Christmas Eve

Merry CHRISTmas! Today, I am cooking and stitching. I am going to make deviled eggs, chocolate peanut butter candy, a pie and cookies. Last night DD#1 made fudge, and I made roasted pecans and some oyster crackers.

Tonight we’ll kick off the festivities by going to my aunt’s house. I’ll need to put together a couple trays of food for that and wrap one present before we go.

Dh has gone to the store(s) for a few things. Like a belt for the vacuum cleaner that’s needed one for about 5 days. I told him I refused to have Christmas on a crusty carpet, so if he wanted Christmas, he better get that thing fixed, LOL! I want to have as much as possible done for today and tomorrow before we leave tonight.

We’ll eat our main meal tomorrow night here at home. The crew has asked for fried chicken for Christmas dinner. We’ll have that, fried cabbage, mashed potatoes with gravy, homemade mac and cheese and the pie. Breakfast and lunch will be light and snack-y. I just don’t see the children sitting still for a meal until later. We’ll do the Santa thing, and then church at 11. I don’t imagine we’ll get to the tree until after that, but I could be wrong. I’m allowing for *not* getting to that til after church anyway. Then after we open gifts, the girls and I will make the supper. Nothing is complicated, so it should not be real stressful.

I just realized that for the first time on a dozen years, I forgot to pick up anything for dh’s stocking. Maybe I’ll find something. Maybe I won’t. But I am not going shopping today. My little gift to myself, I haven’t gone into a store in about a week, except ACMoore, and that was fun.

One pair down!

These are the feet of DD#3!

Needle: Addi 2
Yarn: Knitpicks Dancing in colorway “Jig”

Hopefully there will be another pair sometime today that look incredibly similar!

Foxes in Soxes

It’s a sock day here. I started DD#1’s real socks last night, and am 1/2 way through the first one. This morning, I discovered that the error sock which fit me also fits DD#3. She has no mom-made socks, so she will have a pair now. THEN, I ripped out the red/black/white socks I had started last year for myself but was no longer in love with. Then, I re-organized the sock yarn, putting the stuff I had used for ornaments this year aside. I may use it for the next several years to make ornaments, or I may make socks from it. Haven’t made a final decision on that yet. THEN, I pulled the Cascade Fixation that I want to use to make socks for myself.

And somewhere in all that, I updated the planning 2006 page to reflect socks for those that don’t have them.

I should finish that sock in progress today, and then………well, who knows what I may do. It’s just a constant adventure around here :)

Happy Easter!

This still needs buttons. I don’t have any here that will suit, so I’ll have to find some in town. After Christmas, thank you very much!

H hook, Mission Falls 1824 Cotton, pattern adapted from a Red Heart Christening dress.

I am thinking of using this for the sweater and hat. I do have a bit of the white and coral left to add to it, perhaps for the yoke? Whaddya think?

Cruising on the Dress!

Have about 6 inches to go on the skirt :) Too bad she really hates it! NOT! Don’t worry, the top will snug up a bit, as I have not put teh buttons on yet.

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