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Busy Day!

Yep, I’m up early this morning. I’ll be leaving in a little while with Mama to try to track down the last couple of gifts I need and also do the grocery shopping, both at Wal-Mart. If I get home in time, we’ll go on to church.

Then the usual lunch/afternoon stuff, but half the children have to be back at church at 4:45 for the musical. The musical itself starts at 6, which we will all attend. Then there is a party after that.

AND THEN, my clone arrives this evening a bit after 9pm. I really don’t understand all that goes on with this girl. Actually, I don’t understand what goes on with that side of her family. Her dad was incredibly violent with her. The grandparents who have adored her since she was born now give her fits of apoplexy. And vice versa. It seems they bring out the absolute worst in her. But me? She doesn’t give me a problem at all. Ok, let me be honest. One. She lived here 6 months and we had *one* issue. Sigh.

We are all hoping she will choose to stay again. It’s too crazy, this thing that is her life. Of course, as I told her on the phone this week, I spent several years just as crazy. And around the exact same people. Coincidence? Nah, we don’t call each other clone for nothing. She is mine and I am hers in a way that time and distance did nothing to destroy. In a way that time and distance did nothing to lessen. This child is mine as none of my other children are.

I understand exactly how she sees the world, and how her thought processes work. Because they are my own thought processes. I wonder why that is, how that is? I’ve spent less time with her, percentage-of-her-life-wise than any of the others. How can it be that I know her best?

So, back to the more mundane! I went to Mama’s yesterday to help her with her Christmas doings. Took midwife hats to work on as they are simple and I don’t need a pattern, or markers or anything except hook and string. Ended up finishing all the ones I had on the needful list. I don’t know what I will work on today, if I have time to stitch at all. But I do know it’s Sunday, so I won’t be working on the needful list. I could do the stocking ornament, but I’ll let DD#1 pick her yarn for that, and not tonight, when she has just finished up a 2 day bus ride (yeah, *so not* my idea).

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