sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

Today’s Finished Objects

2 toilets
2 bathroom counters
6 loads of laundry
2 midwife hats
remembered I needed to come up with 2 more Christmas gifts by Saturday next
decided crusher hats would be perfect for that and selected yarn
1 slipcover straightened
1 kitchen counter
1 bed made
2 trays of hot wings
watched and listened as 11 kids from 18 months to 18 years laughed and played
1 Christmas bin packed
1 crusher hat made
updated the stash page, though I may get one more ball before midnight.

I’ll spare ya having to look at the toilets and laundry, but here are the hats 😉

Here’s a list of what got finished in December. I’m pretty pleased with it :)
# karaoke demo
# 8 stocking ornaments
# dh sweater by request
# 13 midwife hats
# cotton blanket
# socks for dd#3
# dress for dd#4
# socks for dd#1
# 2 hats for new baby
# short row swatch
# increase swatch
# hat for DD#4
# 2 more midwife hats
# crusher hat

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