sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

Guess What!?!

Yesterday, I did 20 rows on the baby blanket and then a few rounds on DD#1s sock. Then I got bored and started looking around for something to do, and started this:

Yes, Carla, you recognize it. I am finally using that Mission Falls cotton. It’s great!! This is going to be a little lacy dress, and there will be hat, sweater and bloomers to match. I figured now was my last chance to follow a more-than-beginner pattern for awhile, as I will definitely be restricted to pretty plain stuff after the baby comes, and not much of that. Anyway, this will be an Easter suit for DD#4 (came off the 2006 list).

Now, I am almost certain I had something else to tell ya’ll. What was it?? Hmm?? Oh, yes, I remember now.

I finished Dh’s Christmas Blanket last night!

Nope, you can’t see it. I can’t take it out in front of the children, sorry. But it’s finished, folded and in the bag I hauled it in. I’ll give it in that same bag. In the meantime, I put it in the corner with my other fibery bags/bins and it passed without comment. There will be a pic come Christmas, though :)

I did go over to the 2006 page yesterday and bold the stuff I have the yarn for, and those will be first up come January (or sooner, LOL).

I’ll work on midwife hats today to finish off the last cone from Dh’s blanket. It’s shaping up to be a banner stash-busting week.

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