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Today’s Finished Objects

2 toilets
2 bathroom counters
6 loads of laundry
2 midwife hats
remembered I needed to come up with 2 more Christmas gifts by Saturday next
decided crusher hats would be perfect for that and selected yarn
1 slipcover straightened
1 kitchen counter
1 bed made
2 trays of hot wings
watched and listened as 11 kids from 18 months to 18 years laughed and played
1 Christmas bin packed
1 crusher hat made
updated the stash page, though I may get one more ball before midnight.

I’ll spare ya having to look at the toilets and laundry, but here are the hats 😉

Here’s a list of what got finished in December. I’m pretty pleased with it :)
# karaoke demo
# 8 stocking ornaments
# dh sweater by request
# 13 midwife hats
# cotton blanket
# socks for dd#3
# dress for dd#4
# socks for dd#1
# 2 hats for new baby
# short row swatch
# increase swatch
# hat for DD#4
# 2 more midwife hats
# crusher hat

Well, now!

{insert picture of me trying not to split my face grinning} Apparently there is no return ticket coming for DD#1. I am once again full-time mom to a teenager. A teenager who has elected *not* to attend conventional school, *and* wants a learner’s permit. A teenager with more emotional baggage than most thrice divorced 50 year olds. A teenager who will want to share my yarn stash.

Hey! At least her clothes fit this time. Mostly.

Today, we need to clean the house (as always). I think we have some teens coming for a New Year’s Eve party. But it needs cleaning just for us, anyway. I should do that before I start knitting, otherwise, it won’t get done. I know myself that well at least.

I re-loaded my yarn basket last night, one ball for each item on the active stitches list, except midwife hats. I’ll figure out what to use for that later. If nothing else, I have that cone of cotton. Before I dig into that, though, I’ll use up a couple of partials to go with the hat brims I already have made.

I’ll need to update the stash page later today. I usually do that on Thursdays, but decided to wait until today, it being the end of the year and all that. I haven’t decided whether to do it weekly now, or go to monthly. We’ll see. I know there wont be near as much to report after the baby comes.

So there ya go, a nice rambling post to make up for not hearing from me yesterday.

Easter Hat!

Made this for DD#4s Easter suit last night at Mama’s.
Hook: H
Yarn: Ole-Ole
Pattern: Fiber Trends Crusher Hat
This was a quick crochetabout 3.5 hours. The trim is Mission Falls Cotton. I’ll start the sweater later today.


9 Ole-Ole for DD#4 hat and sweater, 1 cascade for soaker for the babe, and 2 mags with articles on short rows :) I thought I also had yarn for mittens for DS#3, but it is totally the wrong color :(

Cute L’il Hat!


Let me get this straight. I wear a 56 stitch sock. DD#1 wears a 56 stitch sock. DD#3 wears a 56 stitch sock. And DS#1 wears a 56 stitch sock? Now, admittedly, I could go down some for him, but I just saw the sock on his foot, and it fit. Too weird!

Ok, so, worked on the blanket, then on my sock. If I had a 12 inch size 3, I’d be done I think. But I don’t, so its slower going. I am 30 rows into the foot, going toe up this time. I am using the feather and fan pattern again. That simple pattern intrigues me. Also started the last of the hats I need for this baby, from the yellow Opal. I really like that yarn. I may just have to bring some more of that home.

I got the laundry pretty much caught up and folded yesterday. Of course, there is more today ~smile~. So, today, I’ll do that up, and then clean the laundry area. I really never did get the house gone through that last time I set out to do it, and I’d like to before the baby comes. This week seems as good a time to start as any.

I have knitting group tonight, so I need to decide if I need anything. 😉

Finally, funny moment of the day. Dh gave me a mostly white bathrobe for Christmas. I threw it on this morning to ward off the chill. DS#3 looked at me and said, “Mom, you look like a marshmallow.”

Blanket report

I did get to work quite a bit on the baby blanket last night, after all. It’s growing! 27 inches long now. I’ll work on it today until it gets too hot. We’re expecting upper 50s, and the house will get warmer than that. Then I shall start my socks again, or work on the smaller blanket.

As soon as that thermometer says 50, I am sending some wild boy children outside.

My dad came by this morning and took that huge mound of broken stuff-too-big-for-the-trash-can to the dump for us. It looks like real people live here again.

Today, I need to do the checkbook and bills, tidy the house, fold Mount Laundry-more and go through a bazillion emails.

Some FOS

Hat for the baby and swatches for classes.

15 hats I’ll take to the midwife when I see her in January.

I have been trying for a few hours now to get my socks started. I either don’t like the results, change my mind, or mess up my patterning switching between the DPNs. Time to pull out something else. Since I am tired of pulling out my hair.

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