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I got class, baby!

Ok, Ok, I have *students* in my class. Close enough. It starts tonight!! I still am kinda shocked that I am………..a knitting instructor. It seems that I myself am learning something new every day, so how can I possibly be qualified to teach anyone else?

I guess that’s part of the fascination with fiber crafts. You can be good, even very good, and yet there is always more. I put that rather badly, but if you’ve been knitting or crocheting for more than a day, you know exactly what I mean.

SO! Yesterday, I did a square, worked til 9 on the never ending custom pants–got one leg finished and the other started, and finished a hat for the midwife.

Today, another square, and work on the demo sweater. I’ve started the cowl, and would really like to finish that today. I am wishing more and more that I had used just one color. Sigh. I may let the store keep this one, we’ll see.

She finally got up!

Made with Lion Brand Woolease on size I, H and G hooks. Pattern here.

Today’s square is done, and it is a beautiful day. I am going to do something I rarely do, and should do more often. I’m going to gather up my knitting, and some books and go outside with my children. We’ll knit/play and read. They love to do school outside :)

I’ll be working on Jenn’s order until 7 or so, then I’ll……do something else 😛

Arise Sleeping Beauty!

That’s what I am waiting on! There will be a post here, with a picture, as soon as the sleepyhead whose hat I finished last night decides to join us!

Mental Health Day

I so enjoyed just hanging about at home yesterday that I plan to do the same today. I’ll pack a couple of boxes that need mailing, and probably go to the grocery store. Then I’ll stitch. I started the hat for DD#2 yesterday, same pattern as the basket. This week, I am going to *have* to concentrate on biz stuff, only making a square each day, and perhaps a little personal stuff during “tv time” with dh each night, until I get caught up again.

I had more to say, but I forgot just what.

Ann’s Basket

This is off to my dear friend Ann’s house. It’s a felted basket. Only, Ann has never felted before, so I am sending it “as is” so she can see the magic herself. Enjoy Ann!

It is made with Wool of the Andes and Montana, dyed by me, using this pattern.

I’m starting a charity sweater hat with the leftovers immediately. These little half balls are *killing* my stash management system!

Tunic WIP

Please excuse my big round pregnant self, but I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE It!

Just another sleepless night

Dry Diaper: check
Bottle: check
Anbesol: check
Gas Drops: check
Sleep: no check

Today, we’ll all pitch in and clean the living room real well. I’ll do a square, and then work on……I don’t know yet. Maybe a nap.

I’ll need to call the bank today, and plead for mercy. Seems dh and I both paid the remainder of last month’s mortgage. Oops.

Update: complete success with bank, Praise God!

Can you hear the yarn?

I don’t know why I forgot to post this pic the other day when I finished the alteration, but here are the pants. I just added some length to the legs and waist of these pants that I made for a customer quite a while back.

Here is a progress shot of the karaoke tunic:

I need some help with this one! I had originally planned a simple tunic, 3/4 sleeves, with a small reverse stockinette neckband. But last night, I heard the yarn talking. Or I think I did, I may have just been asleep in the chair. N-E-Way, what it seemed to be saying was “Big! I wanna be B-I-G!” So, please tell me what you think about a big cowl collar and full length sleeves on this?

Today, I want to do a square, and finish another midwife hat. Then I guess I will work on the blanket for DD#4. This evening, I’ll be back to Jenn’s pants.

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