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Here is the baby demo. It’s ready to split for fronts and back.

The bamboo is very slick, but a nice yarn! I am enjoying the colorway.

My microwave is dead. And the dryer is dying.

So, what will I knit today?? A few minutes on the Dulaan hat, finish Jenn’s pants, a little on the scarf, and some more squares.

What I actually did:

  • trimmed the 3 squares
  • made a strip of 9 and a strip of 8
  • started another square
  • decided sock yarn was not the best option for mittens in Mongolia–DUH!
  • reviewed stash page, decided I’ll have to dye or buy yarn for the set
  • saw that I deleted the line that said “start demo baby sweater” from this morning’s post
  • finished midwife hat
  • updated sidebar
  • smirked
  • worked on scrap hat
  • emptied knitting basket
  • cleaned out the bottom of the knitting basket
  • refilled knitting basket
  • worked on my scarf for about 45 minutes

    That leaves the baby demo sweater which was *supposed* to be on this morning’s list. Reckon I’ll take a wee nap (dh is home) and work on that this evening. I’m thinking simple garter stitch, but I’m willing to take other opinions into consideration :)

  • Another Rambling Post

    So, yesterday, we did our choring and math, then we headed out for some reading time. And it became a huge fight between the 2 girls and I. Not even over school, but about a bunch of other stuff, which basically boiled down to “nobody appreciates me” from all three of us.

    I got three squares done except for the trim at my mom’s last night. Today, I plan to

  • finish the midwife hat I’ve started
  • select some (sock??) yarn to make the mittens and hat for a Dulaan set and I will probably get that started
  • trim the three squares
  • work a few minutes on my scarf
  • OH! and organize my knitting basket (again)
  • Quiz Time!

    You Are Italian Food

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    What Kind of Food Are You?

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    What’s Your Pizza Personality?

    Much Knitting!

    The class went well. I did chop my sweater off, and have it on the needles ready to pick up and knit down in the same color. But Martha needs a demo quickly, so she sent me home with this to make a baby sized something.

    I finished this last night after I got home:

    Here’s the top:

    Excuse the wrinkles, it needs to be blocked. But what kid has patience with that when there is a new hat to wear? It’s made with Lamb’s Pride on size 8 needles, and matches the sweater further down on the Finished Objects page.

    Also got most of a charity hat crocheted with leftovers. Assigned working dates to the charity stuff on the planning page. I have 3, so they each get 4 months, beginning this month. I’ll be refining that page as I think through things.

    You’ll note on the sidebar that this concludes (except for one hat for the midwife) my “stitching for love” for November. Teeheehee.

    Explaining the Conservative Mind

    Sean Gleeson � The �Bush Lied� Flow Chart!
    The �Bush Lied� Flow Chart!

    As I was three days pondering the curiosities surrounding religion and politics (here, here, and here), two commenters were peppering me with questions about honesty. They came at the topic from somewhat different angles, but both of them really, really wanted to know what I had to say about President Bush�s many lies.

    No one says it like Sean. This one’s a keeper.

    Thinking some more

    So, about that demo sweater, and how I wish I had made it all one color. What if………I *do* make it one color? I can chop the bottom off, pick up and knit down. I am fairly certain now that I won’t wear it, not with this other “vision” in my head. That way I can at least wear the fruit of so much effort. Otherwise, I may as well leave it in the store, and that’s *alot* of knitting to live forever in a yarn shop.

    Yeah, I know I have posted 3 times before noon. I’m okay with that.

    Almost Busted and thinking

    Dh took all his stuff out to the car this morning, and I took out the yarn and pattern book to work on his square. I was just making sure which square to make when he came. back. in. Now being the brilliant multi-processer that I am, I put that aside quickly, and cast on for DS#2’s tam. (Got the ribbing and increases done :) ) Now he’s really gone, and I am working on the square.

    Now here is what I am thinking. November finishes up for the most part my “obligations”. Sets of things will be completed, etc. Boy would it be nice to start 2006 with a clean fiber slate. I am thinking December is a good time to tackle and finish any leftover WIPS. There are only a few:

  • the Dune collar is made and has no sweater under it
  • the red/white/black socks are through the heel on the first sock
  • my lace sweater is 3 balls into the 10- 12 it will take to finish
  • Anybody notice a trend?? All these things are things I have started for myself! Now, I don’t count the sweater fro the Dune collar as a WIP, because I have not actually cast on for the sweater part. But…….the other 2, definite WIPs. So, come December expect them to move up. I may put the lace sweater in the stitching forever column, but, it needs to come back to the front of the stove. Perhaps………..well, I am making good progress on the November list, aren’t I?

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