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SleepTight, Baby Girl!

I finished her baby blanket!! Finally. And she was laughing again when I took the pic!

Yarn: TLC Cotton Plus
Hook: H
Pattern: Funtastical Blanket from So-Bright Romper Sets by Leisure Arts. Of course, I changed the colors :)

The bag that contained the blanket now contains this:

I am going to be casting on what I hope will be a stole tonight. I got the idea from this entry of Kerstin’s. She’s a fine knitter, and runs a good blog.

Dreary Sunday Morning

It’s grey and drizzly today, which perfectly fits my mood. We’ll be leaving for church in a while, and that just makes me incredibly sad today. It’s Pastor’s last Sunday. He’s leaving, due to a situation that defies explanation unless you’ve ever dealt with small town politics. It’s been weighing heavy on my heart all week.

I have not posted about it, I know. I really have not dealt with it inside myself yet. I guess……even here on my blog, this catalog of my own thoughts, that the more I have on my mind, the more I talk about trivial things to avoid the things that hurt. Or confuse me. This does both.

After I finished the sweater, I picked up DD#4’s blanket. It’s supposed to have 5 repeats, but I am running low on yarn after 4 and a half. It’s huge anyway, so I will go ahead and trim and edge (yes, it gets both) it now, instead of buying another ball of yarn that probably will not match anyway. I think it will be finished sometime today.

Now, I have to tell you about my thinker. DD#3 has a mind that quite quickly grabs the obvious that often eludes me. I was talking to Dh about the stash, and he recommended just not buying any yarn at all. (Yeah, right) So, I explained that I don’t have enough of any one thing to make a sweater for the larger family members, in fact no one larger than DD#3. So she says, “why can’t you just buy a yarn that would go with that, just enough to make it be enough to do a bigger sweater?” Well, duh! I had not even thought of that. But it’s an excellent idea, and I will pursue that option when the time comes. The bigger lots have “almost enough” and just need enough for contrasting cuffs or a few stripes. Viola, problem solved with the addition of a couple balls of solid in a coordinating color and suitable fiber content.

Ok, time to get dressed. Lord, I dread this.

Santana Demo Done!

Pattern: Top Down Raglan
Needles: 8
Yarn: Reynolds Santana, color 15

This yarn was a delight to work with. With a content of 55% cotton and 45% acrylic, its great for spring/summer/fall garments. It took almost 4 balls to do the sweater, and every stitch was a joy.
The cost is reasonable as well, at 7.35 for 102 yards.

Hey Mikey, She likes it!

And I made this yesterday from leftover sock yarn. February babies need lots of hats you know :)

Oh my!-updated

I just updated the stash page. I think I am gonna be sick.

ETA: So, umm, let’s say instead of one out/one in, I just go 2 out/1 in for a bit? Like starting now, and effective until I have 100 balls *or less* in this house? That means I will finish the WIPS and the planned projects. Like now. And, no, my HSY yarn is not even shown.


Here is the Santana in Progress. I am still very much enjoying this stuff. It is, as the title says, yummy! I can definitely see me using more of this.

Today being Friday, it’s clean up the house day. Well do a real good all over tidy, and some deep cleaning in the bathrooms and girl’s bedroom. I expect I will continue today with the stitching as I did yesterday. It works for me :)

You know I am already thinking about what’s next, don’t you? IF I finish November’s stuff before the end of the month, I’ll work on some old WIPs, I just have a few. And then that will be the bulk of December as well, along with the continuing “forevers” and the requests from DD#1 and Dh. But I am jumping ahead of myself, because as good as that crossed off list looks, it will take quite a bit of stitching to get 3 balls into that baby blanket, considering the balls are 200 yards each.

While I am busy thinking, I think I’ll do a little work on the stash page today as well, as time allows.

Do they make Ritalin for grown-ups?

I can’t work on one thing all day to save myself. So I did a second square, oversaw school lessons, taught 3 phonics lessons, knit more on Jill’s pants, ate lunch, crocheted on DD#4’s blanket (one more turn will finish the repeat), knit on the Santana demo (raglan almost done), finished the repeat on DD#4’s blanket and started the midwife hat, ate dinner, ran to Mama’s, came home, played a card game with kiddos, knit on Jill’s pants. All this fibery-stuff took place in approx. 1.5 hour increments. I have probably 3 hours before I go to bed, I reckon. That’s enough time for one more go at the midwife hat/ baby blanket AND another pass at the Santana demo. Can you say ADHD?

Sometime soon, I want to work on the stash page. It sure is easier for me to scroll that page than to dig through the yarn baskets. But only if I keep it reasonably current.


And, boy am I glad. Oh, I’ll be complaining soon, I am sure, but I am glad today for cooler temperatures!!

This morning, I have put the short rows in Jill’s pants, and finished another blanket square. Just 10 more to go. Dh has a full day, so I could get quite a bit done, but after yesterday’s frenzy, I really need to concentrate on Jill’s pants. I’ll probably just switch off on those 2 things through the day. Then we’ll see what the evening brings, but I imagine I’ll find DD#4’s blanket laying in my lap, and also the Santana demo at some point :)

With the cooler temps, our schedule will be reverting back to more or less normal. Sad to see it go, really, but we’ll be able to concentrate more on our studies. There are pluses and minuses to everything, I suppose.

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