sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

She slept!

And so did I!! Are you as excited about that as I am? I’m sitting here with coffee, planning my day.

Last night, I got one set of bookshelves tidied, most of the yarn corralled of the hutch, and a shelf and a half of that done. I’d like to finish the hutch today, including the inside.

As far as knitting, last night I did cast-on the baby blanket and worked a few rows on it. It’s going to have a seed stitch border, and the inside will be the same block pattern as the sweater. Today, I’ll wash up the yarn I dyed last week, and hope to finish Kat’s alteration.

It’s November now, so I can start working on that new slate of projects :) The list sits there taunting me like the candy the kids brought home last night taunts them. I just can’t decide which to eat work on first. I need 27 squares for the blanket, I think it is. I need to aim for one a day to have those completed by the end of the month, so let’s say: I’ll do a square and then hit the “love” list. 7 of the 11 things on this month’s list are crochet, I just noticed. The “love” list projects are real quickies. The stockings just take a couple hours apiece to put the cuffs on, the bodies are done, and half of DS#1’s cuff as well. The other items will take a couple evenings each, I think. That will leave me plenty of time to finish the “forever” list if I work smart. It will take longer to make the hats for the midwife between projects than some of the projects themselves.

You know, I love to talk about fiber. I could sit here ruminating all day about my plans, but the longer I talk, the less time I have to knit. I’m gonna hop up and get things going around here so I can stitch.

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