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Bamboo Baby and Custom Pants

Word of warning. The hanging gauge on this yarn is quite different than the flat gauge. I think this is caused by the slipperiness of the yarn, and the weight. Also, I did break the no-knot rule of knitting. Sometimes the reasons for knowing the rules is so you know how/when to break them. All the ends are woven in for a couple inches, then knotted. Have I mentioned that this yarn is slippery? I could have sewn them, but the yarn will unravel. Now all that sounds very negative.

But would I use the yarn again? Yes, and soon! The sheen, the drape, the feel, all excellent. A very satisfactory experience! Kinda like a friend with just one small quirk. You know the quirk and how to get around it, and so the friendship is all joy :)

and Jill’s (finally) pants:

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