sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

Do they make Ritalin for grown-ups?

I can’t work on one thing all day to save myself. So I did a second square, oversaw school lessons, taught 3 phonics lessons, knit more on Jill’s pants, ate lunch, crocheted on DD#4’s blanket (one more turn will finish the repeat), knit on the Santana demo (raglan almost done), finished the repeat on DD#4’s blanket and started the midwife hat, ate dinner, ran to Mama’s, came home, played a card game with kiddos, knit on Jill’s pants. All this fibery-stuff took place in approx. 1.5 hour increments. I have probably 3 hours before I go to bed, I reckon. That’s enough time for one more go at the midwife hat/ baby blanket AND another pass at the Santana demo. Can you say ADHD?

Sometime soon, I want to work on the stash page. It sure is easier for me to scroll that page than to dig through the yarn baskets. But only if I keep it reasonably current.

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