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3 to get Ready!

This one belongs to DS#1. I like this yarn, it’s very soft. It’s Cascade Sassy Stripes. Unfortunately, it only comes in 6 colorways.

I need to make a square for Dh’s blanket today, and work on the karaoke sweater. My hand is asleep though. Could it be that I have been stitching too much? Perish the thought!

I also need to work on the house a bit.

Class Report

Dear Problem Student:
I hope the purse you worked on in class comes out nice. I also hope you enjoy the Einstein Coat you cast on. I really hope you *don’t* tell your friends how you learned nothing in my class, since you have a seeming congenital inability to pay attention.

In other news, Dh’s yarn was backordered, but I did not let that stop me for long!

The blue is to go with the Serenade for a sweater for DD#2, per her request. I am moving on to the next sweater-asker while I wait for Dh’s yarn, and I will cast this on as soon as I finish the karaoke.

The variegated is for the “other” ornament and probably mine as well.

The burgundy is for an increase swatch and a short-row swatch.

Please note: yes, I acquired yarn, but I will be using it in the immediate future. I also turned down yarn at a really good price for the Santa Train stuff, since it’s still in the non-immediate future.

Happy Fall Ya’ll

Or something like that. Here’s Dh’s ornament. Folks, they picked the colors, ok? I am *not* responsible.

I realized yesterday that the karaoke is a hot item, in addition to the others I mentioned. I need to have it finished by next Tuesday I can settle up with the yarn store over the class. So really, as far as due dates go I have the karaoke on the 6th and the ornament for “others” on the 7th. Now, I have to get the yarn for that ornament, which I will do tonight. Also, the yarn for Dh’s sweater should be in!! That’s all the yarn I need to buy to finish December’s projects :)

1 down, 9 to go!

Here’s the first one, for DD#3. She had already picked this yarn for socks, and wanted it for the ornament, too. I decided to use the white I had on hand. By the time I get to the yoke of that sweater, (approximately 5 years from now) I’ll just buy more.

It’s a lovely day again, so I am grabbing the yarn for dh’s blanket and heading outside!

I Can Do That!

Well, ok, wee stocking ornaments all around. I went ahead and fixed up the December list to reflect some changed priorities. See the sidebar for that.

Hottest items:
cotton blanket and ornaments

I’ll need to find some white sockweight yarn, and no, I can’t use that from my lace sweater. I need it for the yoke, and while I may have some left, I don’t know how much. So, dh being home, where is my C crochet hook? Everyone has their yarn picked out already, except me!

You Want WHAT??!!??

DD#3 has asked for a crocheted mini stocking for a Christmas ornament. DS#3 has one from the year he was born, since we did not know if he was a boy or a girl. Now, the question is, can I make 6 of the things before Christmas Eve, and what will I need to push off to squeeze it in? See, the monthly list is never final until the end of the month, now is it?

December’s List

Well, the tree is up, and the kids have put their ornaments on it. The nativity is on the hutch, and the stockings are hung, except for mine and dh’s. We celebrated Thanksgiving with the other side of the family this afternoon, and now, it’s time to think about December. I’ll hold off changing the sidebar just yet, but here is what I am planning to work on. Unless I change my mind.

DD#1 socks-have yarn
DH sweater-need yarn
Scrap Pillow Cover-have
3 hats for midwife-have

Dulaan-1st set:
start sweater-need
hat for midwife-have

Increase Swatch
HSY piece or demo
HSY piece or demo
HSY piece or demo

For Ever:
finish cotton blanket-have
baby blanket 3 balls or 15 inches-have
start blanket for DD#1-need
ball in faroese shawl-have
4 hats for midwife-have

4 balls in lace sweater-have
4 hats for midwife-have

I have not knit a single stitch today (can you believe it?), so I am off to do that directly.

Bamboo Baby and Custom Pants

Word of warning. The hanging gauge on this yarn is quite different than the flat gauge. I think this is caused by the slipperiness of the yarn, and the weight. Also, I did break the no-knot rule of knitting. Sometimes the reasons for knowing the rules is so you know how/when to break them. All the ends are woven in for a couple inches, then knotted. Have I mentioned that this yarn is slippery? I could have sewn them, but the yarn will unravel. Now all that sounds very negative.

But would I use the yarn again? Yes, and soon! The sheen, the drape, the feel, all excellent. A very satisfactory experience! Kinda like a friend with just one small quirk. You know the quirk and how to get around it, and so the friendship is all joy :)

and Jill’s (finally) pants:

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