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The American Princess: 30,000 and Rising

The American Princess: 30,000 and Rising

Instead, at this moment, in a time of need, the United States offeres comfort to our enemy. In our time of need, our enemy laughed at our wounds and praised this nations pain. In a time of need, the United States offers our hands, our money, our sympathy, and our love. In a time of need, our enemy crowned a hurricane a private in their terrible god’s army.

That is why we fight this war. That is why we will win this war. That is why all of us should be proud to live in this country, to fight for this country, and why all of us should be grateful to be citizens of this country.

Because we are a great country. Whether we know it or not.

Sometimes, we need to remember just who we are, and just what we are about. The whole article is good, go on and read it.

To sleep – perchance to dream. .::EmptyDot v1.4::.

Which flock do you follow?

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Hide and Seek

Got the blanket worked on for the day and hidden. Nyuck, Nyuck, Nyuck. Of course, DD#3 came up and asked who it was for!! I just told her it was a secret.

I was thinking as I was stitching: I don’t need the stockings finished until Thanksgiving at the earliest (we put up the tree that weekend, generally), but there are other things I need finished before then. I’ll be moving things on the sidebar accordingly and I’ll do that when it gets quiet for a few minutes. 😉 And I really do need to get started on the baby things, if I want to have any hope of finishing before the middle of February. Anyway, I’ll be shuffling things to reflect what I want done by the end of October.

Outta yarn!

We all overslept this morning. Nothing says “bwaahahhahahah” like oversleeping on Monday, ykwim? It’s like the whole universe is laughing at you.

I knew I would, so I have the 2 balls on hold. Now I know I only need one. The stocking bodies are dry now, so I can get back to those.

I think I am going to have to change my method on that cotton blanket. I’ve been working on it at night. Last night, dh says, “How big are you gonna make that thing?” I just said, til I’m finished. But he’s noticing, is my point. Last week, he made it plain he liked it. This week, he basically asked when it would be done. If he asks too pointed a question, the gig is up, cause can’t lie to him outright, though I can waffle a bit, given the circumstances. After I get this corner done, I imagine I’ll send it over to my mama’s. I can make the remaining squares here, and put it together over there. Or, hide it in a big basket here. It will slow progress considerably, but there’s not much else to do about it.

It rained

So we’re home. I spent a bit of time this morning thinking about what I wanted to work on today. I do have a couple rules about the Sabbath knitting. Well, one really. No knitting for filthy lucre. So, it had to be something for pure pleasure, and nothing off the work list, LOL!

I thought briefly about starting something new, maybe for the baby. But the only baby thing I have all the yarn for is a pair of pants. Not interested in pants today. The contrast yarn for the baby things has arrived at the yarn store in Southport, and we’ll pick it up next weekend.

So, I decide that what would make me happiest is to finish something. Accordingly, I am working on the Santa Train sweater. I should have a pic for you later today :) I doubt I’ll actually finish it, as I only have one ball of yarn for it (more on hold in Southport), but I should make a good dent in it.

Honey, I’m home!

Three full carts of stuff later. Good thing I took both the girls to help me.

I got DD#2 new bras. She’s 12. And she now wears my size. (Cass looks around suspiciously) Who’s idea of a great joke is THAT? sigh. I mean to tell ya, if I ever find the boob fairy, I’m shooting her.

And I got new Eeyore pajamas, which DH will give me for Christmas. Unless I get cold, and then I will take them earlier 😉

And food. The cabinets are groaning, happily filled with stuff I can’t get here in littleness-ville.

All that said, I almost did not make it there. We’ve had 15 or so inches of rain since Wednesday evening, and I was less than a mile away from the store, taking my usual route, when I came to a lake. There used to be a parking lot there, with a *small* pond off to the side. Ahem! A lake. I turned around, attempting to take another way. Had to make a U-Turn as that path was also flooded. Finally finagled my way there, though :)

The roads here in our small town are in trouble as well. On the way out, I saw a pretty bad wash out, and it was blocked off. On the way back in, they had blocked off 2 much smaller sections of the opposite side of the same road, but in a different spot. I saw a couple of ladies from church at Walmart, and I told one of them that if it rains one more drop, I will not be there tomorrow, as that road is one of two ways to my church. The other way is even lower-lying, so I am sure there are equal if not more severe problems going that way.

The two rivers and also the creeks I passed are swollen. Did I mention I pretty much live in a town that has been carved out of a swamp?

Thoughts and Things

Thing 1
DD#4 hates her new pants. Apparently, one should not put pants made from bulky wool on a baby when it is still hot enough to be running the AC. Go figure.

Thought 1
She still needs 2 pair of pants, so I will be ripping this summer’s shorts back to the body, and making pants from them. Those, and the ones I will make with the purpley-mauvey Nature Wool should hold her through the winter along with the bulkies.

Thing 2
I finished the one corner on the cotton blanket last night, and started the opposite corner.

Thought 2
I am really enjoying that blanket. And I was thinking this morning, I’ d like to send each of my kiddos out into the big cold world with a bit of Mama love. I could make them all these blankets. If I start now (in a relative sense) and work in age order, I have plenty of time. Maybe I’ll set a goal of a blanket a year?? But not before I finish the “for Ever” stitches I already have going 😛

Thing 3
I am about 2/3 done with the bottom of the crocheted Einstein.

Thought 3
It sure looks cute so far.

Thing 4
I need to go to Wal-Mart today.

Thought 4
I really have to clean out the frig before I do that, so there will be room for the food.

Thing 5
I really need to get up from here and do that.

Thought 5
And when I get home, I can stitch some more.

Boy! Am I tired!

Today, I worked a bit more on the Santa Train sweater, the karaoke tunic (I’m in the second ball now and still loving it) and also on Paula’s second pair of pants.

And, I cleaned the boys room. As in, I had them pick up everything in the room except the furniture and the carpet, and put it in bins and baskets. Then I sorted through it. Gads of trash and dirty laundry later, plus a vac’ing by DD, and it is nice again in there. I gave the girls fair warning that their room is next 😉 But in truth, I’ll probably do the baby’s toy bin next.

Is it bedtime yet? No, guess not :(

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