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This is a custom order that I just finished. It goes with the last pair I showed you, and I get to dye matching shirts now :)

I also got the basket in the bathroom emptied last night, so now ya’ll won’t have to read about that anymore 😛

I will be starting some baby things tonight, finally! I have decided to crochet the layette.

Empty and done!

I emptied the laundry basket in my bedroom. It’s finished now, except for putting the wall stuff up. Yay me and I rock. I was gonna go right on to the basket in the bathroom and finish it, but *someone* who shall remain nameless, but whose initials are DH decided they needed to use the facilities. Hmmph. Someone *else* was not thinking fast enough on her feet to tell him to bring the basket out first. She shall also remain nameless, but her initials are me.

GreatestQuiz – Results

GreatestQuiz – Results


What kind of shoe are you?

Day 2 and FO

DS#2 looks much better today. But DS#3 barfed this morning. Some days are like that, I guess, even in Australia :)

Here is DD#4’s blanket with 3 of the 5 repeats:

And here is the second set for the Santa Train, finished. My mom made the hat.

This is a crocheted Einstein, made with Plymouth Encore Colorspun. The set took 3 balls in color 7125.

Good Day’s Work!

We have our living room back! And the whole bathroom vanity! And the toilet side of the master bathroom! I moved a bunch of yarn out of the living room as well! And I think I will finish the little sweater sometime tonight, too!

All that remains of the moving mess is a pile in the middle of the bathroom floor belonging to DD#1, a laundry basket plus of stuff on my dresser and a mountain to take to goodwill.

Oh yeah, and getting the camera batteries changed, so ya’ll can see what I’ve been up to :)

Quarantine-Day 1

So, we’re under quarantine, imposed by me. DS#3 doesn’t just have sore eyes, but the dreaded pink eye. Last time, half the kiddos got it, and we had a miserable couple of weeks. One of the “hazards” if you will of a large family is that an illness can take us out of the loop for 6 weeks or more, as it gets passed around. I don’t take my children out to infect others when they are ill, see. That’s rude, so we stay home. And if the rest of the world shared that philosophy, I would not now have a 5yo with pink eye. 😡

I finished the 3rd repeat on DD#4 blanket last night. I’ll get a pic for you as soon as I wake up enough to remember how to operate the camera. Actually, I have to change the batteries. Which entails finding the batteries. Which were moved in the move.

Speaking of move, that’s going well. I did get dh’s side of the bathroom vanity in usable form last night, and also got the ring out of the toilet. 😛 The girls got more stuff out of the living room. We’ll continue working on that today.

In Southport yesterday, I picked up the rest of the baby yarn, as promised. Also, the last skein of yarn for the Santa Train sweater. I picked that back up again last night. A sleeve and a half remain, so I expect to finish that up shortly. I also picked up one ball of another print in Encore Colorspun, just because I wanted to see it worked up. I’ll see what it does, and than FIND something to make with it :)


Weird title, eh? Well, the point is, all the furniture is now where it belongs. I have a pile of stuff on my dresser, there is a hill of stuff in the bathroom that belongs to DD#1, and a mountain of girl stuff in the living room. But it should just take a couple of days to deal with that. Then I can sanitize the bathroom. How can 2 girls be so dirty? Those little princesses are gonna be in for a real shock one day! LOL.

DS#1 was up puking last night. DS#2 woke up with sore eyes. And I am off to Southport soon for retail therapy. Well, not really. But I am going to pick up the baby’s yarn today :) And return that leftover foul Lopi.

Blogthings – What Advanced Degree Should You Get?

Blogthings – What Advanced Degree Should You Get?

You Should Get a PhD in Liberal Arts (like political science, literature, or philosophy)

You’re a great thinker and a true philosopher.
You’d make a talented professor or writer.
What Advanced Degree Should You Get?

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