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Why can I find no clothes?

I went shopping today 😛

We went to Kmart to get some stuff for the kiddos. 2 pair of Jeans for DD#2, too small, must be exchanged. 2 shirts for DD#4, sweatshirts to wear with her sleeping pants. Socks for all the kiddos for Christmas. And looked for maternity clothes. Ha! What a joke. The selection ranged from tacky to trashy, including one t-shirt with “How did I get myself into this mess?” on the front.

On to AC Moore, where I netted two wooden books for DD#4 for Christmas (50% off with coupons), and a frame for DD#2’s painting and buttons for the baby set. For myself, DPNs in 2 sizes. Yes, I did. I can close a hat on a 16 inch circular, but…….it’s time to get comfortable with a new skill. I can use the DPNs, and have, but I usually choose to avoid them.

Chinese food for lunch! Yummy!

On to the mall, still looking for maternity clothes. Everything is cut down to there, or skin tight across the belly. I finally found 3 acceptable shirts, one at Sears and two at Motherhood. I guess the bottom half of me will just be naked. Sigh. Who’s idea was it to make maternity pants/skirts that fit under the belly? YOU may have a whale tail to hold that crap up, but I do *not*. I am the original tushless wonder, and I can’t wear that junk. PLEASE, I am begging you, make real maternity clothes again!

Furthermore, just because I am pregnant, does not mean I want to look like a tart. I did not dress that way before I got pregnant, and my basic personality is not changed by the hormones. I just need a few basic garments to replace what I have worn out in the course of the last 7 babies. Please. Decent. Clothes. Ones I can wear in public. OK?

I visited the cotton blanket today, and got the corner finished on it :)

Not much going on

Going to the midwife this morning. Need to clean the bathrooms, and start my next custom order.

Ripped back the baby hat last night, and started a different one. I just wasn’t sure I was going to like it. I could not figure out how to make the sweater in the same pattern, and it was going to use up the yarn in different amounts of the colors than I had planned for and purchased. So, to the frog pond it went. I did make good progress on the new one, though :)

Oh, and update the checkbook.

Showing off!

These are the shirts I said I needed to do:

And here is a batch of 10 hats going to the midwife tomorrow!

DD#3 Stocking

Well, I am still waiting on a custom order to get back to me, so I have gone straight to the “itching to stitch” list, tying up loose ends :)

Pattern: Baby Girl’s First Christmas Stocking
Yarn: Body-Auracania Nature Wool doubled, color 07; Cuff-Lion brand Jiffy
Hook: K

It still needs ribbon in the triple crochet round, but the ribbon I have is with the Christmas stuff in the shed. It can wait 😉

DD#2 Stocking

Pattern: Baby Girl’s First Christmas Stocking
Yarn: Body-Cascade pastaza; Cuff-Lion brand Jiffy
Hook: K

It still needs ribbon in the triple crochet round, but the ribbon I have is with the Christmas stuff in the shed. It can wait 😉


That’s me today!

Knitting group was fun last night. I saw another yarn I want. But I left it there, only buying the one hank of Cascade 220 I need to alter Kat’s pants. I visited the cotton blankie before we went, and put another couple rows on it. And I worked on the demo sweater at group. It’s 14 inches now, with final length to be 25.5.

Since I spent all morning yesterday finishing DD#4’s pants, I really need to do mostly biz stuff today. And I still need to dye those shirts! Of course, these are not the things I want to do, so perhaps that accounts for my lack of motivation!

Well, fie on that! It’s time to tidy the house and get cracking! After all, the sooner I get what I need to do accomplished, the quicker I can move on to what I want to do, right?

Shorts to pants!

Beautifully modeled by the Princess, helped by her equally lovely sister! These are the shorts I made for her this summer. They were getting too short in the rise, and she needs pants for winter, so I decided an alteration was in order. Knitpicks wool, dyed by me in Mixed Berries.

You may notice I played with the sidebar again. Since I like to start new projects about every month, I decided a month’s worth at a time in the current section was enough. Also added Stitching for Me, because I’m worth it 😉

Another exciting Wednesday

Today, I must finish that school planning. School has totally slipped through the cracks during this move, and it’s time to get back on an even keel.

I did start the baby hat last night.

This yarn is very interesting. At night, it is a very dark and brooding yarn, and I second-guess my choice with every stitch. But as you can see, it really comes alive in the daylight, and then I love it! I was afraid I was not going to be able to start the hat at all last night. Mama had the pattern book, and neither of us was able to see any way to break away for a minute to get it into my hands. She could not just run over for a second, cause my kids would be upset that she did not stay, and I absolutely could not dash over there for just a sec, or my dad would be upset that I did not come in and visit. But she got away for a bit after supper :)

I am on the second leg of altering DD#4 shorts and may finish today, progressing well on the karaoke sweater, and it’s time to cast on for the next custom pants, and dye the shirts I talked about yesterday.

Tonight is knitting night! I’ll take the sweater, of course, to work on, and also the crocheted Einstein to show off.

I guess it’s time to get off of here, and get the chores done, so I can settle in with the important stuff. You know–stitching!

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