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Addendum to below:

And just in case anyone thinks I think liberals should just shut up and go away, that’s not true either. It is the open exchange of ideas that make a democracy work. Read some Thomas Jefferson, it will do you good.

Just so ya know

I wanted to clarify that yesterday’s post was not directed at anyone specific. It was a compilation of things I have been thinking for awhile, but had lacked time to get down in words. I am not back-tracking on what I said, I just want to clarify that I was not a personal post, disguised as a diatribe. It was just a diatribe, cause I’m good at that ;).

I worked on the baby sweater last night. Got the fronts, back and collar done. Just needs sleeves and button bands now. I am holding off on a pic until I have the whole suit done.

Today, I need to dye up some yarn, and work on Kat’s alteration. Yes, Mama, I’ll wear an old shirt :)

Oh, yeah! For my “Librul” Friends

I rarely have a goodish quiet time to write things, and I did yesterday. But I wrote it over on Carla’s blog as a comment. I am going to paste it over here, with a couple edits, just so ya’ll don’t think that I have forgotten how to write about stuff other than fiber.

Text moved to You Know Not!

Back on Track!

We did it! Yesterday, we got the choring done, put in a full school day, and I got to knit!

I worked on the karaoke sweater yesterday, and got it divided for front and back. Then last night, I cast on the baby’s sweater, and got it to the point of division. I’ll be working on Jenn’s order today, and the baby sweater tonight. It should only take a couple more days on the wee sweater. Baby things just knit up so fast!

Velvet over Steel

Rosa Parks died last night at age 92. I’m sure most of you have read/heard that by now. What you may not have read is a quote by someone whose name escapes me just now, the Congressman she worked for. He said she never raised her voice.

Think on that. The woman changed a nation thorough her simple action, and she. never. raised. her. voice.

God help me to be a woman of that caliber when I grow up.

Finished My Tam!

Yarn: TLC Cara Mia now discontinued, more’s the pity
Hook: I
Pattern: Tam
Changes: I altered the gauge on the pattern to accommodate the yarn I wanted to use. Also changed the fold up on the brim from cluster stitch to the flat-knot stitch used on the top portion of the tam. The cluster stitch does not stretch, and so would not fit on my head. Skipped hinky flower 😛

I apologize for the awful pic. Flash does that to folks with glasses.

It’s raining laundry!

Not really, but it is raining, and I do have a mountain of laundry :)

I got all the clothes bins sorted yesterday, and some of it washed up, but I will still be doing laundry all day today. I was very excited to find some things for myself, including a couple of dresses. I have already set aside 2+ bags for good will. I imagine there will be more, as I discover that stuff I wash fits no-one. I want the piles gone, as they bother me, along with the empty bins, some of which will be filled with summer things as the winter things get put away. I will be pretty ruthless with that, as stuff is pretty rough after going through a couple boys. No need to store what will just be thrown out next summer.

I had my tam almost finished last night, but had to rip it out after I discovered that the cluster stitch they say use in the fold up of the brim stretches not to cover an adult head. I’ll work on biz stuff through the day, and pick that back up tonight. I should finish it then.

We need to get back to our regular school schedule today, but I also need to balance that against the amount of time it will take to handle the laundry, so we’ll see.

Another headache

I woke up with a headache again, and a stuffed up head. It is supposed to get down in the 30s this week one night. Perhaps all the green things will die, die, die, and I can feel like a human for more than a day or two at a time. We also need to vacuum the furnace and it’s cabinet so the fire alarms do not go off as they did last year.

Alas, the headache does not mean I can skip the arm-long list of things to do, one of which is pull in the cold weather clothes. I know there is one more box out there with maternity clothes in it, so perhaps it contains a dress or two. One can only hope. The dress I was going to wear today has the hem ripped out, as I discovered at 11:30 last night.

Anyway, the washer is already going, and I might as well get on the rest of the list so I can sit and stitch. I think I will finish my tam today :)

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