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make wonderful, beautiful things

Another headache

I woke up with a headache again, and a stuffed up head. It is supposed to get down in the 30s this week one night. Perhaps all the green things will die, die, die, and I can feel like a human for more than a day or two at a time. We also need to vacuum the furnace and it’s cabinet so the fire alarms do not go off as they did last year.

Alas, the headache does not mean I can skip the arm-long list of things to do, one of which is pull in the cold weather clothes. I know there is one more box out there with maternity clothes in it, so perhaps it contains a dress or two. One can only hope. The dress I was going to wear today has the hem ripped out, as I discovered at 11:30 last night.

Anyway, the washer is already going, and I might as well get on the rest of the list so I can sit and stitch. I think I will finish my tam today :)

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