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Why can I find no clothes?

I went shopping today 😛

We went to Kmart to get some stuff for the kiddos. 2 pair of Jeans for DD#2, too small, must be exchanged. 2 shirts for DD#4, sweatshirts to wear with her sleeping pants. Socks for all the kiddos for Christmas. And looked for maternity clothes. Ha! What a joke. The selection ranged from tacky to trashy, including one t-shirt with “How did I get myself into this mess?” on the front.

On to AC Moore, where I netted two wooden books for DD#4 for Christmas (50% off with coupons), and a frame for DD#2’s painting and buttons for the baby set. For myself, DPNs in 2 sizes. Yes, I did. I can close a hat on a 16 inch circular, but…….it’s time to get comfortable with a new skill. I can use the DPNs, and have, but I usually choose to avoid them.

Chinese food for lunch! Yummy!

On to the mall, still looking for maternity clothes. Everything is cut down to there, or skin tight across the belly. I finally found 3 acceptable shirts, one at Sears and two at Motherhood. I guess the bottom half of me will just be naked. Sigh. Who’s idea was it to make maternity pants/skirts that fit under the belly? YOU may have a whale tail to hold that crap up, but I do *not*. I am the original tushless wonder, and I can’t wear that junk. PLEASE, I am begging you, make real maternity clothes again!

Furthermore, just because I am pregnant, does not mean I want to look like a tart. I did not dress that way before I got pregnant, and my basic personality is not changed by the hormones. I just need a few basic garments to replace what I have worn out in the course of the last 7 babies. Please. Decent. Clothes. Ones I can wear in public. OK?

I visited the cotton blanket today, and got the corner finished on it :)

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