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Saturday’s plans

I think I am going to ACMoore today. I need to exchange some of the leftover yarn from the Santa Train set for something else. I’ll probably get more Nature Wool for DD#4 pants. I was going to make them in the same color, but now I am not sure I want to do that. A new color would be more fun.

They are having a “knitting party” today, and things are supposed to be 25% off. I need some row markers and such. Also, some things for a Christmas present for DD#3.

Then probably on to Wal-Mart to pick up another cone of the cotton I am using for squares for the blanket I showed yesterday (day before?).

Of course, I need to shower before I do all that.

Let’s talk baby blankets. I was going to do a variegated stockinette “diagonal blanket” and edge it in the dark green. Now I am thinking I want to use the stitch pattern for a sweater in The Purl Stitch. It’s a pattern of squares: garter, stockinette and reverse stockinette, and then still edge it in the dark green. Opinions?

Here’s mine. I really want to show off the colors of the yarn. Stockinette will do that nicely. But, 1200 yards of stockinette is a LOT of stockinette. Would I be bored to tears? The other would be more interesting texturally, yet still show off the colors. But there is more chance of making a mistake, and having to frog.

Let me say a word on abortion in closing. The idea that some babies are optional just makes me want to vomit. And every time I hear a woman age 35 or less advocate for death rights, it makes me angry. See, your Mama had a “choice”. And she chose life for YOU. How could you even be about killing babies?

How anyone can look at life now compared to life then and not draw some shattering conclusions is beyond me. I’m not going to cite any reports or such, but listen. We’ve spent thirty years now telling kids only some of them are valuable. We’ve told them over and over again that life is optional. How dare we be shocked and appalled when they kill one another?

We’ve spent a couple decades killing the less perfect in utero. How dare we be shocked and appalled when kids look at those different from themselves as somehow less?

I wonder did we murder the one who would grow up to cure cancer? diabetes? aids?

You see I said “we’. I am not pointing fingers here. We as a society have done this. Everyone of us can bear the blame, if we do not stand up and say “this is wrong”. It is a national sin and disgrace, and it is repugnant in the eyes of a Living God. We will pay for this, in fact, we are already paying for it.

There, I have managed to discuss politics AND Religion in one post. *If* I had any faithful readers, it was nice knowing you, cause I am sure I have offended some of you past the point of coming back. Oh, well. I have within the last 10 days encouraged 2 liberal-as-all-get-out bloggers to continue to write their opinions on the blogs they maintain and pay for. Well, this is mine, both blog and opinion, and I’ll stand by both.

Ya’ll have a good day now, ya hear?

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