sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

Let’s go Racin’ !

Last night DH went to the races. The kids and I watched a movie on tv, and then I knitted. Alot. See, he was late getting home, and I waited up for him.

I got the second sleeve done on the baby sweater, and started the pants. The body on those is almost done now. I need to seam the sweater sleeves yet, as I needed better light than I had last night, and weave in the ends, plus buttons.

I’ve been looking over the “itching to stitch” list, thinking on November’s projects. I’m pretty sure, since I only have today and tomorrow left that I will not get all the way through the “stitching forever” list this month. That’s ok, there’s a reason why I call it “forever”. I will, however, be starting over at the top on Tuesday or when I finish the baby pants, which ever comes first :) I’ll have to do the legs on those with dpns, and I’ve never done legs like that before. I may just do them flat and seam that, as I think that will be quicker. We’ll see how I feel about it at the time. I don’t have a size 8 small enough to do them in the round, though I could magic loop them, I suppose.

I think we tracked down why DD#4 has woken up *every night* for the past 4 nights. Seems our heat was not coming on at all. Oops! But we flipped over to the heat strips, and they came on, burning off the year’s dust, and setting off the fire alarms this morning.

I know I need to get some pictures up for ya’ll, and I’ll try to do better on that. The thing is, I’ve been knitting a good bit, but nothing is finished.

The crew is getting dressed for church, and I reckon it’s time for me to do likewise.

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