sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

I don’t believe it!

Today, DS#3 asked for the blanket. I got my 2 rows on it done for the day. This having to work on it while DH is gone really cuts into the time I can spend on it.

I had fun last night altering the shorts. Errr, beginning to alter the shorts. Seems I used a 5, not a 6 on them. The 6 resulted in wicked nasty pooling where nice stripes had been before. Now, I don’t mind pooling, and you know I love stripes. But partly pooled and partly striped just will not do. No way, no how. But I got it figured out, and am zooming down a leg now.

My custom pants are about ready to divide for the legs, and I started the 3rd ball on the demo sweater last night.

There you have today’s fiber report: nothing at a picture worthy state just now. Soon, soon!

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