sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

DPNS for legs

Don’t like them. Way too fiddly. Sigh. I am so glad they are just newborn size, 7 inches total, including the cuff. I’ve gotten a whopping 2.5 inches done. Sigh again.

I took the done stuff off the sidebar, but have not gotten November’s stuff up yet. Soon, I will. and just could not stand it any more, so I put Novemeber up. I did finish the baby sweater this afternoon. It’s so stinking cute. I really want to show you the whole set at once, which is why you haven’t seen it yet.

Now I am torn……I can’t decide if I want to ditch the DPNs and start the blanket, so I can *relax*, or keep pressing on with this leg until I get good and hacked off at having to stop every 15 stitches. Go ahead, comments are open, give a guess which way I’ll go.

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