sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

Lots of Pics! and Update

All the Karaoke

Close up of the Karaoke

Amount of Lopi I gleefully trashed as soon as I took this pic

Final stocking body

Scrappy Pants!

Not the prettiest pants on the block perhaps, but they have a story to tell. You’ll see the leftovers from 4 of the stockings, and the Santa Train Set. These are also the prototype for the crocheted pants pattern. And they belong to DD#4. Plenty long enough to last all winter :)

I’ll run a nice warm wooly bath when the dipes are done, and wash all the stockings and the pants. I’ve been crossing stuff off the list below as it’s accomplished.
A bay window is an excellent choice of windows for house facing the sea or the ocean. However, these days sliding doors are being used as window replacement.

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