sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

No guesses?

Well, I finished the one leg. But by then I was too tired to cast on 224 stitches for a blanket, so I just worked a few minutes on my scarf.

My kids are bouncing up and down this morning, and they haven’t even had candy, LOL! The Fall Festival is tonight at church, and they are so excited. One of them, remaining nameless, tried to tell me they should have the day off school because “it was like a holiday”. Nope, sorry. Not even. Christmas, that’s a holiday. Easter, that’s a biggie. I’ll throw in Thanksgiving and 4th of July, too. Couple of others, but you get the point. We don’t take off for every little day around here.

Sidenote: Holiday comes from the words Holy Day. When every other day is a day off, kinda takes the specialness away. When Halloween is accorded the same status as Christmas, this Bible-Thumper has a real issue. And that’s the way we do things.

This week’s house focus is the living room, so I’ll be trying to get some extra done on it each day.

As for knitting- today I’ll be working on custom pants, and tonight, the second leg on the baby’s pants. I think the thing I dislike most about the DPNs at this point is this: I always push my stitches to the cable of a circular when I put my knitting down, even for a minute. But with DPNs, there is no cable, so nowhere to “rest” the stitches. You can see everywhere I stopped, because there is a ridge on that round. Please tell me that comes out????

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