sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

Mommy Day

Apparently, DD#4 is having one. I suppose it’s to be expected. She started walking a few days ago, and also weaned. Today, she is firmly ensconced in my lap. I can live with that.

I think I figured out why I changed my knitting and crochet plans, too. I am figuring that it is a plate clearing thing. I am driven to complete the Christmas stuff now. I am betting the “cool weather” stuff will be next. The question remains , “what am I clearing my plate for?” I am thinking it’s baby stuff, but won’t know for sure till I have this other stuff done. Then I can see where the compulsion goes. There you have a glimmer into my inner psyche/ fiber muse. Smile, you know as much as I do at this point 😛

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