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Baby Set!

After I sent dh off tonight with Jaina Solo, The Diva, The Rookie, The King of Scotland and The Pirate, I got busy. I cleaned a bit, and I stitched a bit.

The sweater and hat are made with Plymouth Encore. The stitch pattern in the sweater comes from Sally Melville’s The Purl Stitch. The pants are made with Lamb’s Pride, trimmed with the Encore. I used a size 8 on all but the ribbing, which took a size three. I’ll try to get a better pic for you tomorrow.


You are Merino Wool.
You are Merino Wool.
You are very easygoing and sweet. People like to
keep you close because you are so softhearted.
You love to be comfortable and warm from your
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No guesses?

Well, I finished the one leg. But by then I was too tired to cast on 224 stitches for a blanket, so I just worked a few minutes on my scarf.

My kids are bouncing up and down this morning, and they haven’t even had candy, LOL! The Fall Festival is tonight at church, and they are so excited. One of them, remaining nameless, tried to tell me they should have the day off school because “it was like a holiday”. Nope, sorry. Not even. Christmas, that’s a holiday. Easter, that’s a biggie. I’ll throw in Thanksgiving and 4th of July, too. Couple of others, but you get the point. We don’t take off for every little day around here.

Sidenote: Holiday comes from the words Holy Day. When every other day is a day off, kinda takes the specialness away. When Halloween is accorded the same status as Christmas, this Bible-Thumper has a real issue. And that’s the way we do things.

This week’s house focus is the living room, so I’ll be trying to get some extra done on it each day.

As for knitting- today I’ll be working on custom pants, and tonight, the second leg on the baby’s pants. I think the thing I dislike most about the DPNs at this point is this: I always push my stitches to the cable of a circular when I put my knitting down, even for a minute. But with DPNs, there is no cable, so nowhere to “rest” the stitches. You can see everywhere I stopped, because there is a ridge on that round. Please tell me that comes out????

DPNS for legs

Don’t like them. Way too fiddly. Sigh. I am so glad they are just newborn size, 7 inches total, including the cuff. I’ve gotten a whopping 2.5 inches done. Sigh again.

I took the done stuff off the sidebar, but have not gotten November’s stuff up yet. Soon, I will. and just could not stand it any more, so I put Novemeber up. I did finish the baby sweater this afternoon. It’s so stinking cute. I really want to show you the whole set at once, which is why you haven’t seen it yet.

Now I am torn……I can’t decide if I want to ditch the DPNs and start the blanket, so I can *relax*, or keep pressing on with this leg until I get good and hacked off at having to stop every 15 stitches. Go ahead, comments are open, give a guess which way I’ll go.

Let’s go Racin’ !

Last night DH went to the races. The kids and I watched a movie on tv, and then I knitted. Alot. See, he was late getting home, and I waited up for him.

I got the second sleeve done on the baby sweater, and started the pants. The body on those is almost done now. I need to seam the sweater sleeves yet, as I needed better light than I had last night, and weave in the ends, plus buttons.

I’ve been looking over the “itching to stitch” list, thinking on November’s projects. I’m pretty sure, since I only have today and tomorrow left that I will not get all the way through the “stitching forever” list this month. That’s ok, there’s a reason why I call it “forever”. I will, however, be starting over at the top on Tuesday or when I finish the baby pants, which ever comes first :) I’ll have to do the legs on those with dpns, and I’ve never done legs like that before. I may just do them flat and seam that, as I think that will be quicker. We’ll see how I feel about it at the time. I don’t have a size 8 small enough to do them in the round, though I could magic loop them, I suppose.

I think we tracked down why DD#4 has woken up *every night* for the past 4 nights. Seems our heat was not coming on at all. Oops! But we flipped over to the heat strips, and they came on, burning off the year’s dust, and setting off the fire alarms this morning.

I know I need to get some pictures up for ya’ll, and I’ll try to do better on that. The thing is, I’ve been knitting a good bit, but nothing is finished.

The crew is getting dressed for church, and I reckon it’s time for me to do likewise.

My Not-Secret Pal

I got a package!! From Carla! Well, from Zephyr Style, via Carla. It’s perfect, lookie!!!!!!!

The words say “Republican Knitter And Proud Of It” and “Vote Conservative, Knit Liberally”

Carla, thank you so very much, I lover them, and they are already in my knitting basket. You are a gem! What an amazing gift! The timing is not lost on me, either. :kiss: Yes, I checked the postmark 😉


I don’t have a whole lot going on today. We’ll do “school lite” and then finish up the kitchen. I did get a good bit done through the week, so it just needs:
coffee pot counter
sinks (bleach)
microwave counter
microwave (bleach)

wipe cabinet fronts
floor (half done, LOL)

I’ll enlist the children, since we all eat in there, and it should not take long to knock that out. The rest of the house will just get a general tidy, as usual.

daily laundry
mark school days

I’ll be working the demo sweater today, and the baby sweater tonight. I got the first sleeve on it last night, and just had no motivation to start the second. When you can’t motivate to start the second sleeve of a baby sweater, which consists of just *46* rows, it’s bedtime, LOL! So, that’s
what I did.

Dh and I have been glaring balefully at DD#4 each time we pass her peacefully sleeping self in our bed. She was up ALOT last night. Which means we were up ALOT last night. And she is the only one who gets to sleep it off. I truly do not mind *at all* my babes sleeping with me. It’s when they don’t sleep with me that I get a bit frazzled. Oh well. It’s only been 2 nights in a row 😛

3 posts already? Meirs!

Seems Bush has accepted Harriet Meirs’ request to withdraw her nomination. Wonder what will happen now?

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